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Blackout is the grandfather of extreme haunts & experts at instilling an intense psychological dread within a participant. This experience is filled with physical brutality, psychological warfare, sexually charged situations, and visceral imagery.

  • Extreme Immersive Horror (EIH)
  • Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco
  • Individual Experience with Rare Group Shows
  • Full Physical Contact; Simulated Rape; Nudity; Blood
  • Extreme haunt that should not be approached lightly
  • Halloween events are tamer than off-season events
  • Psychological, intense, sexual, and graphic

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More on Blackout

Blackout’s hallmark symbol is the ellipsis (…). These three dots symbolize everything this company is about. “It signifies silence — a lapse or pause or textual omission of some kind. But for this last purpose, the marks became the tool of the censor. But authors can work censorship creatively for their own means. What can’t be said can be hinted at… and a well-placed ellipsis can itself convey something risque, frisky, or downright sordid.”

They rebel against the status quo. When haunted houses did group shows aimed at teens and didn’t allow contact, they redefined the genre by creating a solo, full-contact experience marketed to adults. Yet, when immersive horror rose in popularity and others created solo experiences, this company switched to group dynamics. This immersive theater force has also experimented with nearly everything: virtual reality, remote phone experiences, personal home invasions, alternate reality experiences, large-scale haunted house collaborations, and convention pop-ups.

They excel by having actors that tailor the experience to how you react. Fear is subjective, and thus, the show adapts to suit each audience member to elicit the greatest fear response from each participant. Expect full frontal nudity, extreme sexual situations, sensory deprivation, and complete darkness. It’s hallmark is black plastic bag walls, minimal sets, and actors that are real people (no Halloween masks). You will be hooded and probably suffocated. Don’t expect a strong, linear narrative–it more flows like a nightmare.


Selected previous shows:

Blackout21: Blackout21 is four chapter, remote horror experience focused on paranoia and expectation. Cooperation, imagination, and obedience are required. Pay close attention to the rules. ‘Chapter one’ was a four day, three night experience that anyone could do; however, the full twenty-one experience was only available to participants in the continental United States. Expect calls, texts, and email communications over this time frame. Follow all rules, answer your phone, and comply. Currently at the time this posting, Blackout21 is on hiatus, but it may come back–because it’s never over.

Elements: Journey through a fantastical hell filled with water, air, earth, and fire. You will be aggressively grabbed, stripped of your sight, drowned in water, gagged and scratched, and forced to touch repulsion. This experience was less of the traditional abduction story line, and more of a nightmare come to life. Forked paths allowed for choices to be made, and the illusion of control made the experience more personal and exhilarating.



“Is it theater, performance art, mixed-media set design or just a dastardly escalation of Halloween thrill-seeking? All of these…as demented theatrical thrills go, they’re virtuosically unsettling…Without giving anything away, this is in many ways a haunted house in reverse. Much of the scariest time in there is spent alone, in the dark, while nothing happens. It’s a kind of horror-jujitsu; the venue turns your mind against you. Whatever you walk in there being afraid of — that’s what’s lurking in the house’s imagined dark recesses.”




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