Zombie Joe’s Takes Scouts on a Sensory Journey Through Camp Whitsit

There are few better at pushing boundaries than Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group. Perhaps best known for their annual Urban Death horror show, a graphically unsettling collection of Grand Guignol terror and dark humor, the group makes it their business to deal in the more unseemly aspects of the human psyche.   Their recent limited-engagement […]

Shock Theater Reveals A Love of Photography with Eye For Horror

Since 2013 Shock Theater, a New York-based art collective specializing in adult-themed immersive horror experiences have brought terror to willing participants throughout the tri-state area year round. Responsible for one of the top 10 most extreme horror experiences in America, Dead of Night, Shock Theater takes immersive horror to another level with their latest experience EYE FOR HORROR.   EYE FOR […]

Interview with Darren Lynn Bousman and Clint Sears of The Experiences

An Interview with Darren Lynn Bousman & Clint Sears of The Experiences The Experiences saga began in early 2016 with The Tension Experience, an AR (alternate/augmented reality) journey into the heart of an apparent cult, which culminated with the live experience, Ascension, in November of the same year. Then, in February 2017, came The Lust […]

Heretic – A Recollection of HEX

Below is a Recollection–this is not a review, but rather a full spoiler walkthrough of the author’s experience in HEX, an extreme haunt by Heretic. As this experience will not be remounted, it is safe to read this, and not be concerned with spoilers.          Koreatown, 1 am. The streets are desolate, […]

Daemon 9 is the Alternate Reality Thriller You Need to Play

DAEMON 9 Alternate reality games (ARG) and experiences (ARX) provide players with opportunities to discover new worlds. While ARX’s are often heavily personalized via character interactions and rely on the creator to move the experience forward, ARGs offer less personalized experiences that do not progress without the player’s involvement. These two genres have seen little […]

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