Haunting Halloween Guide 2020. spiderweb

Los Angeles Halloween Guide 2020

Halloween is part of Los Angeles culture. In 2019, there were over one hundred home haunts, over twenty large-scale and professional haunts, and countless immersive horror experiences available for audiences and participants alike to be scared and partake in the season. Unfortunately, with the Covid-19 recommendations restrictions, many of our favorite haunts have gone dark [...]
Horror Remote Experiences

Horror Remote Experiences to Scare You During Quarantine 2020

We’re all stuck in our own horror movie right now. Forced to isolate, remain in our houses, and communicate only via electronics. Some people are making the most of this quarantine by reading, playing video games, throwing Netflix parties, and taking cute pictures of pets dressed as humans. Others, like me, are starting to go […]

The Fleshyard, Perdition Home, Haunted House, Haunted Cornfield Maze, Chino, Ca, Best CA Haunted Cornfield Mazes

The Fleshyard & Perdition Home Create One of the Best CA Haunted Cornfield Mazes

Cornfields and haunted houses are a pair made in heaven… or well, hell. The tall stalks, isolate guests from the outside world, block out any lights, and give scare actors infinite dark recesses to hide in. For those who’ve haunted across the Midwest and East Coast, you’re familiar. From the Cornfield of Terror in New […]

Welcome to the Blumhouse Live | Amazon Prime | The Lie | Nocturne | Evil Eye | Black Box

Little Cinema’s Welcome to the Blumhouse Live Is More Than An Advertisement

Strewn markers and papers cover the desk in Erin Templeton’s bedroom. The last entry in the missing ballet dancer’s “dream log” is a deadly premonition – a man wearing a crown entering her room to write an indecipherable message in blood. welcome to the blumhouse live   Under normal circumstances, a dream is just a […]

Get Involved in Horror from Home This Halloween

  Halloween is upon us, a time when horror fans get to revel in their hobby and enjoy scares and frights. From trick or treat to proper events, the US is usually awash with people out on All Hallows Eves enjoying the festivities. Sadly, this Halloween might be a little different given the restrictions likely […]

Strange Bird Immersive - The Strange Secret of Mr. Adrian Rook

The Strange Secret of Mr. Adrian Rook – Strange Bird Immersive’s Curious and Charming Anthology

The enigmatic Raven Queen has tasked myself and seven others with tracking down her treasured secretary Adrian Rook, who has been missing for two weeks now. Currently we’re visiting with Brendan O’Neill – proprietor of Whiskey and Welding – in the hopes that he might offer some clues or insight. “Do you have any idea what this might be?” […]

Scarehouse 2020 Pittsburgh Mills | Haunted House

Scarehouse 2020 Returns to Horror Excellence in New Home Pittsburgh Mills

Ten years after his genre-defining film Night of the Living Dead, George A. Romero returned to Pittsburgh to film Dawn of the Dead, a biting commentary of a consumerist society told through the lens of a zombie film. The majority of the content was filmed at nearby Monroeville Mall, where a band of survivors are outlasting a horde […]

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