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Delusion is the pinnacle of immersive theater. You become a literal character in a real-life horror film. Traverse a fully transformed manor that becomes a world in itself. Interact with the actors, solve puzzles, choose the next path, and finish the story. Delusion is incredible.

  • Delusion
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Group Show with Individual Participation
  • Minor Contact; Acrobatics of Actors
  • Immersive theater at its best
  • Will require audience participation
  • Worthwhile for horror and non-horror fans

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More on Delusion

How would it feel to be a character in a real-life horror and suspense film? Touted as “the future of live entertainment” and “the single greatest event in LA”, this moving play immerses you in a living, breathing world as you play your part in a psychologically disturbing tale of horror, suspense, mystery, and adventure. First premiered in 2011, Delusion is on a mission to redefine live theater by creating psychologically disturbing, interactive experiences that incorporate the audience into the story as characters.

Using an innovative blend of suspenseful storytelling, a chilling original score, visual FX, and professional actors and stuntmen, Delusion creates a truly one of a kind world-class immersive experience. You will interact with actors, perform actions, retrieve objects, solve mysteries, choose paths, and perhaps sacrifice yourself to move the story forward. You are invited to become a key player in Delusion’s next twisted tale! How far will you go to fully realize your journey into the darkness and beyond?

Previous shows:

His Crimson Queen – You are the children of Berke and Selene. However, Selene is a vampire. Your father sends you a peculiar letter that leads you to an gothic mansion filled with three vampire families. Discover what vampiric powers you hold as you uncover the mystery of her disappearance and the families that dwell in the manor.

Lies Within – You are a rabid fan of Elena Fitzgerald: a reclusive, dark fantasy author who has gone missing, along with her daughter Mary. Determined to uncover the whereabouts of your favorite novelist, you choose to break into her manor. Once inside, the fabric of reality tears apart as Elena’s literary characters come to life, sworn to protect and guide their creator toward finishing her greatest novel. Poison a plague doctor, take an invisibility potion to sneak past a fire monster, hide from an 8 foot tall marionette maker, and find out the fate of Elena.

Skybound Entertainment partnered with Delusion to make a virtual reality series based off of Lies Within.

Masque of Mortality – In a dilapidated church and nunnery in the eclectic Silverlake neighborhood in Los Angeles, a haunting tale unfolded. The 50 minute experience led groups into a dark and mysterious refuge from a plague-ridden world in 1931. Yet, this purported “refuge” proved to be far from the truth. Rumors of a cult known as “The Plague Doctors” have promised a remedy to our pitiful existence as well as the blight. This false hope has led the audience into the depths of a nightmare unimaginable.

The Blood Rite – Audience members were singled out to dance with a shapeshifting temptress, retrieve keys from a sleeping butcher, be chained to a wall as a human sacrifice, and travel alone down a long hallway only to be kidnapped and separated for some time from the comfort and security of their group.

Delusion – In 2011, the company rented a dilapidated, 107 year old mansion near downtown Los Angeles. Delusion’s story was set in 1910, telling the tale of psychiatry taken too far. The brilliant and now banished psychiatrist, Dr. Frederick Lowell, took seclusion in a decaying mansion where he could continue his dark experiments in peace. The audience played the part of Dr. Lowell’s hated colleagues; those who banished Frederick long ago. In the unfolding story, the lead character and audience fended off patients that crawled on ceilings, leapt up stairways and occupied their minds. In the end, the lead character turned on the audience and sought to use them to fully realize Dr. Lowell’s great work.


october, 2021


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