Majestic Repertory Theatre is a traditional theater and immersive producer out of Las Vegas that produces a variety of productions throughout the year ranging from classic stage shows and musicals to immersive theater and immersive horror in non-theater settings.

  • Las Vegas, NV with a permanent location and site-specific events
  • Productions range from solo shows to large audiences
  • Narrative-driven with audience participation
  • Light contact with occasional adult and horror themes
  • Show experiences that often run a month or more

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More on Majestic Repertory Theatre

Majestic Repertory Theatre was established in the fall of 2016 at ALIOS, an arts space in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District. The “Majestic” name was chosen in honor of one of the first theatre’s in Las Vegas, the Majestic Theatre which was located on Fremont Street. Active in the early 1900’s, it was a vaudeville house and cinema.

Majestic Repertory Theatre’s vision is to find in Las Vegas the voices that will change American Theatre. They are pursuing this with a dedication to combining traditional storytelling with cutting edge immersive and interactive technologies.


Past Immersive Offerings:

Measure for Measure: The Immersive Experience

Put on your boogie shoes as Majestic Rep sweeps you back to Lost Wages, circa 1977, where vice runs rampant and disco is king! Mayor Vincent “The Duke” Greyson took a sabbatical and left Deputy Mayor Angelo Santoro in charge. The most virtuous public servant in town, Santoro implemented all the ancient laws – tearing down casinos, brothels, and putting one particular favorite son on the chopping block for knocking up his fiance before the vows were exchanged… It’s left to a young nun-in-training to sway Angelo’s decision, but the results are not what she expects.

Majestic Rep transforms into the various locales of seedy Lost Wages for everyone to explore. During Measure for Measure, the audience is in the middle of the action, moving from room to room and interacting with the characters one-on-one.


Horrorwood Video

Welcome to HORRORWOOD VIDEO – the last place in Vegas where you can rent your favorite 1980’s horror films. However, creepy clerk Leon has created a vortex that’ll put you INTO the movies! Once you step through, you’ll… summon a demon in THE HEX… Trick-or-treat in THE THIRTEENTH HALLOWEEN… And if you’re lucky, you’ll survive SLAUGHTER HOUSE MASSACRE 5: PIG-GUT’S REVENGE! This experience was wonderfully immersive, bringing audiences directly into homages of their favorite horror movies. With love and passion, these stories came alive in an experience that felt nostalgic, memorable, and frighteningly fun!



You’ve been invited for a holiday gathering of drinks and snacks at the Krumeich’s house. You know them, that nice couple down the street…Jerry and Marge. The entire family’s coming together tonight: Oma flew in from Germany, daughter Carly’s home from college, and son Kevin has just arrived with a special friend…and an ancient curse. See, something very dark has haunted the Krumeich family for centuries and tonight, you will either defeat it…or succumb to it.

Krampus was immersive theater done right. Taking place in an actual home with gorgeous set design, it felt comfortable, yet eerie–and the different tracks allowed for audiences to come back again and again to experience something new each time.

Excerpt from Review: “Majestic Repertory Theatre’s Krampus is a prime example of what a small-form, intimate, and interactive experience should be. It excels in making audiences feel important and connected to the narrative, creating a realistic and beautiful Krumeich home, and building tension until the narrative explodes in chaos and excitement. Majestic has created two impressive and innovative experiences (see our review on Horrorwood Video here) and are gearing up for their next: Our Town, the American classic reimagined as an immersive, church basement pot-luck! This company is defining the Vegas immersive scene and is one to celebrate far beyond the holiday season.”


october, 2021


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