Caitlin Manor is a 20-Minute Home Haunt Bursting with Detail for a Cause

The Santa Ana winds howl louder than any soundtrack. A wooden fence adorned with orange Halloween lights is slammed by the invisible force, banging back and forth. To escape the winds, our group takes refuge in a small courtyard. Altered by our presence, Frankenstein’s Monster springs to life, eyes glowing, arms moving. We move through […]

Extra TV Brings Exclusive HVRTING Footage and Teases the Best of Immersive Horror

Happy Halloween, Haunters! extra tv   We’ve got some really wonderful video for you today. Our Editor-In-Chief, Taylor Winters, was featured in this year’s extreme haunt piece for Extra TV. We at Haunting and sister scare company HVRTING are honored to be showcased in this piece along with such creators as Josh Randall and Kristjan […]

High Desert Haunted House 2019 Is Wonderfully Authentic – Video & Review

The animalistic howl fills the air. A creature in a home-made mask with large boar tusks barrels toward me on all fours; dirt and dust trailing him like a cloak. Yet, before he reaches me, he crawls through a small hole beneath aluminum sliding and metal grating. I move through a small gate, into another […]

Death Triangle by Burbank’s Rotten Apple 907 Is Another Impressive Home Haunt – Video & Review

A giant jelly fish lurches and then a child’s voice calls out, “Get out of here! This boat is not safe!” For their 29th year, Rotten Apple 907 has taken a dive into the Death Triangle and there’s so much to see.  With one of their strongest sound and lighting designs yet and a believable […]

An Exclusive Interview with Robbie Luther – The Creative Mind Behind The 17th Door

The 17th Door is the most successful extreme haunt of all time. I can say that as a fact. Over a thousand guests enter their doors in a single night, and their team consistently provides audiences the same experience every time - with scares landing effectively, efficiently, and safely. This is largely due to co-owner [...]

Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest 2019 Manages to Rejuvenate Older Mazes

The sun is beginning to set in Santa Clarita, California, casting sinister shadows over the horrific, post-apocalyptic streets of Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest 2019. Rows of excited and terrified guests line the DC streets, awaiting the hordes of monsters who will soon be tormenting the night. Suddenly, herds of witches, clowns, and stilt-walkers emerge from […]

A History of Blackout – 2009-2019 – A Video Interview with Josh Randall

Celebrating its ten-year anniversary, Blackout is responsible for the genesis of the immersive horror genre. Yet, the mystery and obfuscation surrounding the theater company has prevented a clear description of each experience, as well as a timeline of their events in one location. Today, for the first time ever, Haunting further pulls back the curtain, [...]
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