Apartment 213 – An Interview & First-Look at a New Extreme Horror Experience

Interview & Filming: Cara Mandel  |  Editing: Jon Kobryn  |   Music: Sam Haynes  |  Special Thanks to Will Castillo and the Crew of Apartment 213     In the promotional materials that have been making their way through the horror and haunt community over the last few weeks, Apartment 213 describes itself unequivocally as [...]

Blade Runner Immerses Audiences in 2049 at SDCC

Below is an exclusive inside look at the Blade Runner immersive activation at San Diego Comic Con in 2017.  Immersive entertainment reigned supreme at San Diego Comic-Con. Numerous activations utilized fully-realized sets, live-actors, virtual reality (VR), and food and beverage to immersive audiences in the world they were promoting. Alcon Entertainment incorporated all of the [...]

Immersive Horror Panel – Stage & Scream – Midsummer Scream

Below is full recording of the “Stage and Scream: Immersive Horror Theater” Panel at Midsummer Scream. Guests include Landon Zakheim of The Overlook Film Festival, Anna Mavromati of Shine On Collective, Jonathan Josephson of Unbound Productions (Wicked Lit), and Zombie Joe of Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group. This is all moderated by Noah Nelson of [...]

Immersive Panel – Monsters On and Off the Stage – ScareLA

Below is full recording of the "Monsters On and Off The Stage: Halloween at the Theater" Panel at ScareLA. Guests include Justin Fix from CreepLA/The Willows, Darren Lynn Bousman of The Tension Experience/The Lust Experience, Paul Millet from Wicked Lit, Jon Braver from Delusion, and John Dobrenick from Illicitus Theatre. On Sunday, August 6th at 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm, [...]

Interview with Josh Randall Teases New Blackout and Immersive Project

Below is an exclusive interview with Josh Randall, co-creator of Blackout from ScareLA teasing Blackout's plans for 2017 and a new immersive project from Randall himself.  Nine years ago, Josh Randall and Kristjan Thor dared to ask the questions: why haunted houses are marketed to young adult and teen audiences, why participants go through in a group, [...]

‘Midnight, Texas’ Offers An Unforgettable 4D Experience (Video Walkthrough)

Immersive experiences flooded the streets of San Diego Comic Con this year. Major motion pictures, such as Blade Runner and Bright, as well as television series, such as Westworld and Mr. Robot, all promoted their brands through immersive “activations” or experiences. Often incorporating food, drink, and live actors, each experience excelled in recreating their given […]

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