This page will provide helpful guides into the world of immersive theater and horror. Whether its a massive listing of Halloween experiences or a more small-scale guide to how to best experience a single event (like Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More), this is the best place to catch up on experiences in the past or prepare for ones in the future. While recollections will provide a walkthrough of a single event, guides will also provide a recap of all experiences up to a given point to  to orient audiences looking to join for an upcoming experience. Further, it will condense an entire festival or convention into a single article, placing all pertinent information in one place for easy accessibility.


While these never aim to spoil anything upcoming, as events being recapped are rarely remounted, there will be heavy spoilers for the past events or conventions. If you’re looking for written walkthroughs, try our recollections; or try our reviews, interviews, news, or AV content for more information.

  • All
  • 13th Floor
  • All Saints Lunatic Asylum
  • American Contemporary Ballet
  • ARX
  • AV Content
  • BCR: A Place to Scare
  • Beware the Dark Realm
  • Birch House
  • BL4KM4SS
  • Blackout
  • Bloodshed Brothers
  • Boney Island
  • Boot Hill
  • Caitlin Manor Haunted House
  • Campfire
  • Candle House Collective
  • Casa Creepy
  • Castle Dark
  • Catastrophe Cabin
  • Club Fear
  • Clybourn Manor
  • Coffin Creek
  • Coffinwood Cemetery
  • Common Ground Cemetery
  • Conventions & Festivals
  • Count's Den
  • Countyline Fright
  • Creator Assistance
  • Creep It Real OC
  • Dark Harbor
  • Dark Harvest
  • Delusion
  • Desert Decay Manor
  • Dinner & Drinks
  • Disco Dining Club
  • Downtown Repertory Theater
  • Dreich Society
  • Drunken Devil
  • Drycraeft LA
  • E3W Productions
  • Escape Rooms
  • Essential Articles
  • Experiential Supply Co
  • Extreme Haunts
  • Faceless Ventures UK
  • Fairbrook Manor
  • Fallen Saints
  • Fear Farm Phelan Haunted Screampark
  • Fears Gate
  • Ferris Haunt
  • Field of Screams
  • Forbidden Woods Cemetery
  • Force of Nature
  • Freakling Bros
  • Fright Fest
  • Gershon Dungeon
  • Ghost Train
  • Gothic Hills Cemetery
  • Guides
  • Halloween Horror Nights
  • Halloween Yard Displays
  • Hallows Eve Inc
  • Hallows of Greentree
  • Haunt 223
  • Haunt at Heritage Hill
  • Haunted Dome
  • Haunted Hayride
  • Haunted House
  • Haunted House of Horror
  • Haunted Mansion Haunt
  • Haunted Men Productions
  • Hauntington Beach Manor
  • Heretic
  • High Desert Haunted House
  • Home Haunts
  • Horror Escapes LA (HELA) Productions
  • Horrorworld
  • Immersive Horror
  • Immersive Theater
  • Installations / Pop-Ups
  • Interviews
  • Into The Black
  • Into the Dark
  • Intruder Escape
  • JFI Productions
  • Knott's Scary Farm
  • La Casa de Satanas
  • LA Opera
  • Laguna Nigel Haunted Trails
  • Las Vegas Haunts
  • Lights OUT
  • MacDevitt Manor
  • Majestic Repertory Theatre
  • Mansion of Lost Souls
  • Marina Spooktacular
  • Maze of Mayhem
  • Meyer2Meyer Entertainment
  • Miasma
  • Midsummer Scream
  • Mistress Yvonne's Annual Haunted House
  • Monsterpalooza
  • Murder House Productions
  • Musicals
  • Mystic Terror
  • News
  • nocent
  • Opechee Haunt
  • Out of State Haunts
  • Pageant of the Monsters
  • Perdition Home
  • Performance Theater
  • Pirate's Cave
  • Prism
  • Pseudonym Productions
  • Pumkin Jack's Haunted House
  • Punchdrunk
  • Quietus Horror
  • Rated R: A Horror Speakeasy
  • Realm of Shadow
  • Recollection
  • Reichland Asylum Haunt
  • Reign of Terror
  • Restless Souls Manor
  • Review
  • Rosehill Haunt
  • Rotten Apple 907
  • Santa Ana Haunt
  • Santu Deliria
  • ScareScape Haunted Attraction
  • Scream in the Dark
  • Shaqtoberfest
  • Shattered Realm
  • Shinbone Theatre Company
  • Shine On Collective
  • Shiver
  • Shock Theater
  • Sinister Pointe
  • Sinister Valley
  • Speakeasy Society
  • Spectacular Disaster Factory
  • Spook Show
  • Spooky Hollows
  • Spy Brunch
  • STAG: An Immersive Horror Experiment
  • Stanley Haus
  • Stoney Pointe
  • Straite to Hale
  • The 17th Door
  • The Best Medicine Productions
  • The Bloodshed Brothers
  • The Boanthropic
  • The Farm Haunt
  • The Fear Experiment
  • The Fleshyard
  • The Ghoulie Graveyard
  • The Haunt at Hellizondo
  • The Haunt With No Name
  • The Haunted Harvest
  • The Haunted Rose
  • The Haunted Shack
  • The Hotel Who
  • The Lust Experience
  • Theme Parks & Installations
  • They Played Productions
  • To The Community
  • Town of Deadwood
  • Twisted Dreams
  • Twisted Minds Productions
  • Two Bit Circus
  • VanOaks Cemetery
  • Victim Experience
  • Welcome Foolish Mortals
  • White Helix
  • Yard Display
  • Zombie Joe's Underground


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