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Home Haunt: A shortened version of the term “Home Haunted House,” Home Haunts are walkthrough / mazes designed expressly to scare audience members built in a family home or yard and run during the Halloween season. They are mostly free or donation-based.

Home Haunts are a great way for passionate creators to give back to their community during the Halloween season. These experiences usually run for only the final weekend of October and are free, resulting in long lines – so if you plan on going, get there early or plan on waiting. Further, these experiences are often family friendly as they appeal to the entirety of the community.

Note: There are some on this list that are also yard displays, which are Halloween-themed decorations in a home’s front yard, usually incorporating whimsical props, technological projections and sounds, and plenty of photo opportunities. These typically run during the Halloween season, are free, and have little to no interaction or actors. However, their gorgeous and innovative design draws large crowds, especially families.



Browse the company guide below to find home haunts that might interest you. Scroll to the bottom to find our intensity guide.

Home haunted houses / haunts are horror-themed, and while there are some (like Perdition Home) that are gory and frightening, most are designed for young kids and teenagers. Therefore, these home haunts start off at an intensity of one but to date, do not surpass the intensity of a typical haunted house. Yard displays are listed as a one as well due to their horror theming, but with no actors or interactivity, they can be experienced by all ages who love horror. Please do your homework on the home haunt before you attend, as these can vary in professionalism, quality, and scares.

Haunting Company Directory - Immersive Theater Extreme Haunts Haunted Houses Entertainment Horror
Backwoods Maze, Home Haunt, Haunted House, Burbank, CA
Beware the Dark Realm, Home Haunt, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, CA
The Legend of Boot Hill Home Haunt Yard Display Halloween Haunted House Irvine Orange County
Club Fear, Home Haunt, CA
Common Ground Cemetery, Home Haunt, CA
Desert Decay Manor, Home Haunt, Haunted House, Whitewater, CA
Dreich Society, Haunted House, Ontario, CA
Forbidden Woods Cemetery, Home Haunt, Los Angeles, CA
Haunted Adventure, Haunt, Burbank, CA
Haunted Graveyard - Home Haunt Haunted House Halloween Horror Attraction Redondo Beach
Haunted Shack Torrance Haunted House Halloween
Hellsir Cemetery Yard Display Halloween Haunted House
Murder House Productions, Haunted House, Home Haunt, Thousand Oaks, CA
Nightmare in Whiting Woods - Home Haunt Glendale Haunted House
Opechee Haunt, Home Haunt, Haunted House, Glendale, CA
Perdition Home, Home Haunt, Haunted House, Yorba Linda, CA
Prism Haunted House - Prism, Home Haunt, Mission Viejo, CA
Pumkin Jack's Haunted House Pumkin Jacks, Home Haunt, Los Angeles, CA
Realm of Shadow, Home Haunt, Bellflower, CA
Reichland Asylum, Home Haunt, Haunted House, Los Angeles, CA
Rosehill Haunt, Home Haunt, Los Angeles, CA
Rotten Apple 907, Home Haunt, Haunted House, Burbank, CA
Scream in the Dark, Home Haunt, Lake Forest, CA
Shiver, Home Haunt, Studio City, Los Angeles, CA
Spooky hollows Spooky Hollow, Intensity Guide, Home Haunt, Los Angeles, CA
Stoney Point - House - Yard Display Halloween Haunt
The Haunt With No Name, Yard Display
Twisted Minds Productions, Haunted House, Los Angeles, CA

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Haunting Intensity Rating Scale - Immersive Theater Extreme Haunts Haunted Houses Entertainment Horror

If you are the creator of an experience and would like for us to add your company to our immersive guide or our intensity rating scale, please email us and we can discuss.


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