STAG Eternal 2023 Immersive Horror Extreme Haunt Michigan

STAG Eternal 2023 – A Recollection from Sam Giacinto

Weeks of anticipation led up to the defining moment that cannot be described, it needs to be experienced. I am about to attend STAG Eternal.

February 10, 2023: The day that changes everything. I make the seven-hour drive from Green Bay Wisconsin to Bay City Michigan to experience STAG Eternal. I have my instructions that I received via email. The seven hours gives me plenty of time to think about every scenario of what could possibly happen. The list of questions I was instructed to ponder run through my head. Let me tell you there is no amount of preparation in the world to prepare you for this experience.

I arrive to a dark parking lot waiting for the clock to hit 7:00PM. Am I really signing over my well-being into the hands of strangers? What will happen to me? I rid myself of these thoughts and a calm comes over me. This however is short lived. It’s time…

I send the message I was instructed. I am then told to get out of my car. I am embraced by Blayne. There are two other people in the vehicle. I am immediately blindfolded and have a bag put over my head and placed into the car. The lady in front of me (let’s call her Darling for simplicity purposes) states this is the first time she left her house in years due to agoraphobia. The one to my left states her name is Sam and that her son Jimmy is already with the doctors. They are going to release him from the pain of his cancer and make him eternal. I am asked if I am ready to face my fears, ready to rid myself of the pain, and ready to be eternal. I am ready….

We come to a stop. Darling is taken out of the car first then it’s my turn. We are led across an icy field. I hear yelling “where is my Jimmy, where is he!?” I am stopped at a door. Knock! Knock! I am led in and sat down. The bag and blindfold come off. Darling is at the table and is trembling. Two people are standing before us with clipboards. Sam is pacing and yelling and eventually led out of the room. The waiver process for STAG Eternal begins. Nudity, electricity, clothing removal and destruction, whips, disturbing situations…. I happily sign over my life to my tormentors. I am asked one final time, are you sure you want to do this? Game on, let’s go!

What follows may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised…


STAG ETERNAL 2023 Immersive Horror Extreme Haunt Michigan


Darling and I are blindfolded and led down a flight of stairs. We are led and turned all over the place. I am now disoriented and probably could not get out if I tried. We are instructed to get on our knees and the blindfolds are taken off. There is a woman in front of us. She is burning sage and giving a speech about our impending doom or enlightenment, I know what it was for me!
Next thing you know I have this woman’s blood all over my face and a figure from behind me wraps my face and drags me back multiple times until I am falling to my back. Are you ok to continue? You bet your ass I am…

I am now standing at a table with a person lying face down on it. What surrounds the table I can only describe as a cult. I have a feeling I am forever going to be part of this group. Everyone is in masks and a mask lies before me. Why did I just put this on? Why am I joining in with this group? Next thing you know I am holding this person’s legs, that is lying on the table. Without hesitation this person’s throat is slit open and bleeding out. A skull is shoved in my face. I am staring into death, the darkness, the nothing. I am led to another room where I am forced to watch Darling get raped and murdered. I attempt to stop this from happening but a lady grabs me and prevents me from doing so. Well that escalated quickly, as if the prior death was nothing.

Suddenly my shirt is off and I have a hospital gown on. I am laid on a bed and a lady, who states she is a doctor, stands before me. I hear screaming from every different direction. Somehow, I don’t think this doctor is going to help me in any way. I am told that vitals are needed and blood needs to be taken. Another doctor enters and a lot of yelling ensues. Phrases such as: semen extraction, you don’t know what you’re doing, you f*cking b*tch are thrown around. Oh, look there’s a syringe in my arm, well that’s nice. Bam! One doctor has just been punched in the face and is now lying unconscious on top of me. I am told everything is ok. I am not dead yet so I believe her. I am told to take some pills. Why the f*ck did I just swallow a handful of pills?

I suddenly come to and Jimmy is laying in front of me, rocking back and forth, shaking. He does not look good. He is crying and asking for my help. He wants his medicine. I see two cups beside me. One with powder and one with liquid. I mix the two together and feed him the medicine. Jimmy slowly drifts away…. No, I didn’t just… I did, I f*cking killed Jimmy. Sam is back and screaming at me that I killed her son. Jimmy had stated his mom left him hear and does not care about him. I convince myself that I had saved him and helped him get rid of the pain. This does not go over well with Sam. I am now forced to face the consequences of my actions.


STAG ETERNAL 2023 Immersive Horror Extreme Haunt Michigan


I am chained to a wall and blindfolded with people in front and back of me. This is all your fault! Take responsibility! This is your doing! You killed my son! I then hear Darlene’s voice yelling, you let him rape and murder me! She then says we are eternal and you will be soon. Suddenly I feel whips upon me. Stings to the front and back ensue. They get stronger and harder as time goes on. The whips get heavier and larger. A moment of clarity washes over me and I say “If I could go back, I would take your place and let you live.” Suddenly I am released from the chains and brought to my feet.

I am again on my knees in a circle with this deranged cult. A cup with some kind of liquid is placed in my hand. We are all giving thanks and now It’s my turn. My smart-ass mouth comes up with “I am thankful for putting my life at the mercy of complete strangers.” This is all about you I am told over and over. Hands are rubbing all over me. We won’t give much detail here, but you can use your imagination as to what ensues…

I am now tied to a chair, blindfolded, and have noise cancelling headphones on. Sensory deprivation at its finest. What happens next is a barrage to the senses. Hands, licking, biting, scratching, vibrating, electricity, lips continue on for a period of time. Pain and pleasure all wrapped into one.

I am wheeled into another room where I see people stuck in cages begging me to get them out. I cannot move as I am bound to a chair. Suddenly I am told to take care of my baby and placed on my knees in a corner. A bag is taken off my head and the room is blinding white. I turn around and a tall female, that still looks like a baby, is before me. The room is disturbing: tiny mattress, wires hanging, some dolls on the floor, and some goldfish crackers. The girl wants me to play with her. We play with the dolls for a minute before the girl becomes fully nude. A fully nude woman with the face of a baby is a little disturbing. She then hugs me and pulls me into her. I get the idea of the type of playing she wants to do. We proceed on with such playing….


STAG ETERNAL 2023 Immersive Horror Extreme Haunt Michigan


I am rushed into a room with two doctors and a lady on a table screaming. “She is having a baby help her!” I can’t comprehend what is going on before I am literally delivering a baby. Screaming is all I can hear as I see a baby coming out of this lady. I deliver the baby and am covered in this ladies’ juices. Oh, look at that, the f*cking baby is dead and it’s all my fault. You know, you try to help people and end up with three victims from your “help”. Wow I’m an asshole.

I am on my knees before the cult once again. What happens next is best described as a porn circle jerk. Drenched in fluids including piss. Just like a good little whore.

I am moved once again and am placed before Sam. Earlier I had released her son from his pain. She says I am her baby now… Oh no. My clothes are removed and she puts a diaper on me, then a bib. “You are my baby forever now!” I am fed different substances the latter being disgusting. I find myself spitting it out. Sam is rocking me to sleep but not before letting me have some milk (figure it out) and stating I am too old for that. As I lay with my new mommy, I tell her that I trust her.

I am now in a cage. Dead Jimmy to my left and the Eternal being of Darling to my right. She keeps telling me it is my fault she is dead. “He kept raping me after I was murdered!” I refrain from saying “nothing like a little necrophilia to top it off huh.” She wants to stay here forever and wants me to stay with her. Out of nowhere another girl comes running up. “We need to get the f*ck out of here, they are killing people!” “This is f*cked up, why would you sign up for this!!!” Darling won’t leave and the girl unlocks my cage. I am getting out of here with this girl. We escape into a field but not before two figures from behind open fire upon us. Bang! Bang! Bang! Everything is black, it is hard to breathe, I will live on Eternally…


STAG ETERNAL 2023 Immersive Horror Extreme Haunt Michigan


This review is broad. This is an event that needs to be experienced. This gives an idea.

Every touch, prop, noise, taste, scent drove the narrative and the story in STAG Eternal to be deeply personal. Nothing was out of place. Everything flowed smoothly. You can see where your decisions are affecting what is happening in the story. You come face to face with your own mortality. You are forced to face the reality of life. Being born and dying, looking deep inside and seeing you are the creator of your own situation, your choices have consequences, it’s all thrown right in front of you. Face it! Not once did I ever feel unsafe. Safety was paramount. STAG Eternal does an amazing job at making sure of this. You are moving this way or doing this so no injuries occur.

STAG Eternal will forever hold a special place in my heart. From my victims, to my f*cked-up doctors, to my twisted mommy, the baby that will never torment in the warped playhouse, everyone. My STAG family, I am Eternally yours…


STAG Eternal 2023 Immersive Horror Extreme Haunt Michigan


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