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nocent is an ongoing immersive horror experience that markets themselves as an exclusive society for the guilty – welcoming the darkness of those who wish to feel less alone. They offer numerous community focused events; and their detailed and layered narratives are rooted in the dark pain and trauma of the subconscious, providing not only a rich horror experience, but also opportunities to grow in self-awareness and empathy.

  • Shows range from Immersive Horror to No-Contact Immersive experiences
  • Based in Los Angeles, but remote experiences open worldwide
  • Some experiences are full-contact experiences with dark and traumatic narratives
  • Remote experiences are layered audio journeys that interact with the real world in novel and creative ways
  • Solo events with personalized details
  • Strong actors to evoke emotion
  • Optional free remote Alternate Reality Experience (ARX)
  • Hints, puzzles, and clues for those that want to look for them
  • Members are granted membership cards & opportunities to move up in the organization
  • Strong community focus with chats, book clubs, movie nights, and more
  • Chance for personalized stories, tailored just for you

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More on nocent

nocent is an exclusive society for the guilty. It offers a family in which you can remove your societal masks and have the darkness inside you welcomed. Their Instagram does not follow anyone, reinforcing that they want the decision to join to be your own. If there’s any hesitation, they suggest this experience is not for you.

They frame their experiences as opportunities to relive memories of other nocent members’ guilt, pain, or trauma. Despite the dark and often horrific nature of these memories, they are consistently rooted in a humanistic narrative, with contact always serving to expand and further the plot. A second set of experiences invite guests to meet members of nocent, offering insight into the organization itself. These stories focus on the indoctrination into the cult-like mentality of this religion and allow for bonds that can extend beyond the experience itself via phone calls, emails, and online chats.

nocent also offers layered remote experiences that allow audiences from across the world to relive the memories and hear the stories of its members. These remote memories are much deeper and powerful than a simple call; they often extend across multiple days, allowing for connection and emotional bonds to be created between audience and storyteller. In such, the emotions felt rival and sometimes exceed that of in person events, due to the unique nature of long-form storytelling. While often formatted as audio adventures, some of these experiences also include physical objects mailed to your home, phone calls from characters, emails and texts, and community engagement, all focused to enhance the narrative.

In addition to their remote & in-person experiences, nocent offers a rich and detailed ongoing alternate reality experience (ARX) that can be experienced anywhere in the world. It begins with an honest look at yourself and your past, leading to a rebirth into the dark waters of nocent. Here, you are no longer the past “you”, but a new self, represented only by a number. Numerous characters exist, that each provide a different inlet into nocent; allowing for phone calls, lore drops, and new mysteries for those brave enough to seek them out. While participation in the ARX is not required to attend their in-person experiences, it does enrich and deepen the experiences by providing additional foreshadowing, lore, and backstory.

As with any organization, there is a membership hierarchy and processes in place for those that want to rise through the ranks. Members who choose to complete tasks offered to them will form deeper connections with characters and earn favor with the organization.

nocent prides itself on strong theming and imagery. They take set design seriously, choosing its locations with purpose and intent, ensuring all details build to a greater whole. The imagery on their Instagram consistently uses desaturated, black and white imagery, often making reference to religious or water themes. Those with a keen eye will notice several nods to Carl Jung’s philosophies, including the collective unconscious

If you are interested in joining, email [email protected] today.


june, 2023


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