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Unbound Productions is an LA-based immersive entertainment production company dedicated to creating new adaptations of classic horror literature. It is best known for its Halloween season show Wicked Lit. It is a walking show in which patrons experience three short plays as they are led through the grounds of a mausoleum and cemetery by Storyguides.

  • Wicked Lit
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Group Experience
  • No Contact; Walking and Stairs Expected
  • Traditional theater with immersive elements
  • Walk through a mausoleum as you follow the actors
  • Mature themes, adult language, and theatrical violence

Expect Wicked Lit every Halloween season, but more shows by Unbound Productions can be found throughout the year.

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More about Unbound Productions

Unbound Productions is a nonprofit theatre company whose mission is to re-imagine timeless stories for new audiences by creating immersive, theatrical adaptations of literature. The goal is to support, enrich, and involve the community through direct interaction with the general public, other nonprofit and civic organizations and education programs.

The many performances and theatre produced by this company is rated a zero on our intensity scale because the shows are traditionally promenade style, meaning that the audiences follow the actors as they move from location to location. So rather than being stuck in a seat, watching a performances, audiences are allowed to move with actors, following the action, as the narrative unfolds. This aids in immersing audiences in the world of the characters, enhancing the stories for all involved. There is no contact or scares to worry about.


Wicked Lit

The scope of Wicked Lit is to create dynamic new adaptations of classic horror literature. Since 2009, Wicked Lit has been immersing audiences in theatrical adaptations of classic horror literature through walking tours. In this 2 hour and 45 minute show, audiences will walk a minimum of 2,000 steps and climb stairs to experience 3 short plays while being led through an eerie mausoleum and cemetery by captivating Storyguides.

Wicked Lit is staged at unique venues that help set the mood for a series of spooky tales. Previous venues include Greystone Mansion and Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery in Altadena. These site-specific locations help make the stories more evocative and immersive for general audiences.


Mystery Lit & History Lit

During the non-Halloween seasons, Unbound Productions produces Mystery Lit & History Lit. While similar in staging to Wicked Lit, this show takes on classic Mystery Tales. Unbound Productions created these shows to bring a new life to great literature that reflects history in creative ways. These performances are also site-specific, aiding in immersing audiences in the action of the performance.


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