Firelight Collective, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, CA


Firelight Collective strives to tell deeply moving, emotionally resonant stories with heightened poeticism and richly decorated settings. With a performance style that produces a stylistic, dreamlike quality, their shows move beyond realism in order to explore deeper emotional truths.

  • Los Angeles Area
  • Small group experiences
  • Immersive experiences with varied levels of interactivity
  • Poetic, emotional
  • Shows have included light contact and nudity
  • Non-horror
  • Deals with themes of love, loss, personal relationships, existentialism

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More on Firelight Collective

Born from the renowned Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre, the Firelight collective has quickly made a name for itself for its transportive, romantic brand of immersive theatre. Audience members are present and stand witness to explore evocative themes that are honest, eager, and resonant. Staying under the radar, the company worked on defining their vision and voice until going public with last year’s critically acclaimed production ‘Firelight’ and its reimagined revival for the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival (Fire & Light). With these experiences, they have demonstrated an exciting capacity for deeply moving, imaginative storytelling that inspires its patrons to connect with the larger themes presented and recognize the characters’ truths within themselves.

Stars in the Night, mounted in September 2018, continues the trend of incorporating various drinks that add and compliment the tone and themes of a given scene. It also includes multiple diverse locations with private transportation in between experiences. Moving away from larger audiences, this show was more interactive and more immersive with only three audience members per show and five shows per night. Join them; drinks are on us!

Previous shows include: Fire & Light, Firelight, Nobody’s Darling, Unexpected Winter, Echoes of Voices, & Savage/Love.

Selected quote regarding Firelight:

“Sometimes love is fleeting, sometime it is bright, and sometimes it hurts. But it’s all love. And that’s what Firelight accomplishes so powerfully; it makes the audience feel what it is to love. This is a beautiful tapestry made up of individual stories that each make you feel something different and reinforced by gorgeous sets and strong acting. Firelight is not a show to be missed. If you like immersive theater, love, or feeling something strongly, then check out this show. Drinks are on them!”

Selected quotes regarding Fire & Light:

Stars in the Night, the latest from the dream-weavers at the Firelight Collective, are quickly making a habit of gifting the immersive community with romantic, lyrical meditations on the universality of human experience by way of their characters’ generous vulnerability. Even the most ardent fans of their previous shows will recognize Stars as a seismic leap forward for this company in both scope and ambition. Stars is not only an achingly sublime meditation on how we let our regrets define us, but also a bold statement of the kind of stunning work the Firelight Collective is capable of.

We all carry our regrets with us, painful souvenirs of a time in our lives we wish we could revisit. But when you dwell on a regret you nourish nothing within yourself but that regret. It is in the past where nothing new of yourself could ever possibly grow. As Stars in the Night so beautifully conveys, after every moment of darkness, there is the possibility of light, more chances, more life still to live… until there isn’t. So learn from them and let them go. Allow them guide you but not define you. And then maybe, if you’re lucky, as you look back on all that’s past as if through a clouded glass, you’ll see a life of successes, failures, joys, sorrows— but no regrets. For the second time this year, the Firelight Collective has created a melancholy work of art that inspires you to reflect on your own life and possibly inform the way you live it. I can think of no higher praise.”





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