THE WHY – Immersive Creator Dakota Loesch Discusses His Newest Project

Dakota Loesch is someone who makes an impression. With his gravelly voice and absorbing charisma, one can’t help but follow him willingly into whatever world he’s in. Immersive theatergoers in Los Angeles have enjoyed his raw, compelling presence for years now, both as an actor (Agnosia, The Sideshow) and a composer/musician (They Who Saw the [...]

Hollywood Fringe 2019: Creators Set Immersive Expectations for Each Show

It’s back! That special time of year when immersive audiences are treated to a month-long deluge of new works running the gamut of every tone and style imaginable. Whether you crave emotionally intense one-on-one encounters in a private space, mystery and intrigue on the streets of Los Angeles, or a relaxed evening at the theater […]

Time Travel for a Good Cause: Interview with The Unmarked Door

Time Travel Cabaret can be seen on Friday, April 12th at El Cid. For tickets, click here.   In the not-too-distant future (this Friday, to be exact), the quantum curtain will rise at El Cid for a night of unexplainable phenomena, wholly improbable performances, and a not insignificant amount of temporal tomfoolery. Immersive theatre company […]

The Stars Shine Bright in a Year to Remember from Ceaseless Fun

There are still tickets available for the final weekend of Ceaseless Fun’s The Stars. To purchase yours and learn more about the production, please visit its Hollywood Fringe Festival event page here.   “You’re not going to be immortal, but you can do better than most. You can leave an outline of yourself behind for everyone […]

Hollywood Fringe: 2018 Creators Set Immersive Expectations for Each Show

For the second year in a row, the Hollywood Fringe has designated “immersive theatre” as one of the official categories of performance for their yearly festival. This year we’ll be treated to a deliciously broad range of experiences from both familiar voices and first time creators stretching the definition of immersive theatre in a dozen […]

The Speakeasy Society – The Invitation, Chapter 4 – Recollection

Below is a Recollection–this is not a review, but rather a full spoiler walkthrough of the author’s experience in The Invitation, Chapter Four of The Speakeasy Society’s The Kansas Collection. It is also only one path out of many that could have been experienced, so there is some repeatability in returning! In this chapter, allegiances are solidified as you […]

The 49 Boxes Puts the Magic in Your Hands

“This is not something that happens for you. It’s something that happens because of you.” – Michael Borys, Co-creator of The 49 Boxes.   In a way, a magic trick is the quickest and purest expression of what live theatre can aspire to. Performer and audience standing eye-to-eye, nothing between them but a proscenium of […]

Solstice Nears as TheBoanthropic Sound the Alarm

This is a brief recap of events in December within the ongoing ARX  The Society and TheBoanthropic leading up to the ticketed event Nocturnal Reverse: a Rescue on the Solstice on December 21st. For our up-to-date coverage of the latest developments and character descriptions, click here. To purchase tickets for Nocturnal Reverse: a Rescue on the Solstice on December 21st, click here.   […]

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