Extra Interviews Haunting’s Taylor Winters About Immersive Horror

Tonight our founder and editor in chief Dr. Taylor Winters sat down with Extra, introducing their viewers to the concept of immersive theatre and highlighting some of this and past Halloween seasons’ most buzzed about companies and shows.  Take a look at the link below!



Immersive Horror: The Final Frontier of Fright

Haunting - Extra - Video Link



Whether you’re looking for a single intense night of scares or a drawn out experience of prolonged dread, there is truly no better time to jump into the immersive horror community… and no better website to help point you in the right direction for the scare that’s right for you! If Taylor Winters and Extra piqued your interest, consider reading these select reviews and company profiles of the properties mentioned during the interview written by our Haunting.net staff. Have a safe and spooky Halloween!



“They provide you the ability to live out your own horror movie. Unlike a normal haunted house, you’re not watching an actor… they’re actually happening to you.”

Read our review of Heretic’s recent experience Cabin III here.



“Blackout is a pioneer in the immersive scene… so when you leave Blackout, you wonder: that man watching you on the subway, is he part of this?”

Read our thoughts on Blackout and their most recent event here.


The Lust Experience 

“The Lust Experience… engaged their audience on a level that’s never been seen before. Phone calls from characters in this world to participants, meetings between the characters and the participants that all fit within a cohesive narrative.”

Tickets are currently on sale for Anoinment, Lust’s December event, here.


CreepLA: Lore

“CreepLA doesn’t want you to just sit on the couch and watch this show, they want you to live these experiences.”

Read our review of CreepLA: Lore here.

Tickets are still available for CreepLA: Lore’s run here.

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Chris first checked into the McKittrick Hotel in 2011 and has loved immersive theatre ever since. He holds a Bachelors in Theatre from SDSU, a Masters in Education from USC, and is currently teaching Shakespeare to kids. As Douglas Adams said, he loves deadlines; he loves the whooshing noise they make as they go by.
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