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Zombie Joe’s Underground is an avant-garde theater production showcasing exciting, shocking, & cutting-edge theater and performance arts in Los Angeles and The San Fernando Valley.

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More About Zombie Joe's Underground Theater

Zombie Joe’s Underground is a staple of the San Fernando Valley. Although this is a passive performance in which you watch a play from your seats, your passivity in it is anything but uncomfortable. They will shock you, they will make you uncomfortable, and they will force you to reflect on the graphic imagery and it’s commentary on the world today.

Selected Previous Shows:

Urban Death: Urban Death provides you with a weak flashlight to navigate tight corridors and witness the horrors that lie in the shadows. Then enter the performance area for short vignettes that are provocative, evocative, and bizarre. Then return through the same maze–which has transformed into a new nightmare.

Blood Alley: Blood Alley takes the short vignette style of Urban Death and transforms it for a more depraved and graphic setting. These are even more unsettling, often focusing on themes of rape, murder, and pedophilia–but do so with the intent of making you reflect on the greater social framework we live in. Leave your perceptions at the door and bare your soul to this show and you will come out changed.

Brave the Dark: Taking the short vignette style to the next level and immersing you in the play itself. Although the actors still don’t make contact with you, you are no longer passive. Walk the halls of Zombie Joe’s Underground and experience the performances unfolding around you. More in your face and intense, but less graphic than Blood Alley.


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