Horrorwood Video Continues to Redefine the Vegas Immersive Landscape

Slaughterhouse Massacre 5 – I know that you enjoyed that last year. Leon, our favorite Horrorwood Video clerk, clutches a bootleg VHS tape, pointing at the label. But number 6 puts 1 through 5 in the grave. Pig Gut returns, because some of us don’t know when to die. I find myself back in the […]

Nightmare by The Fear Experiment – I Can Do This In My Sleep – A Recollection

This is part of Haunting’s Recollection series – it is a complete account of Nightmare by The Fear Experiment. It contains full spoilers and is intended for readers who have attended or could not attend the show, or are curious about this creator’s work.     “Are you familiar with the concept of lucid dreaming, […]

Dark Horizon 2019 – Point of No Return Brings Dark Harbor Magic to Orlando

After 10 years of haunting the west coast, the team behind Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor brings their unique brand of scares to the Orlando area. Orlando is no stranger to Halloween-themed events, but with the advertisements that Dark Horizon was going to be the first “west coast-style haunt on the east coast,” it seemed like […]

Miasma’s Desecration of the Seven Witches Brings Witches into the Modern Era

Below is a review of Miasma’s The Desecration of the Seven Witches. While it only contains minor spoilers, this experience is not expected to be remounted, so read on without worry.     “Be quiet and don’t fucking move.”   These words were the last thing I was told before I was left alone in […]

Miasma: Homecoming is Bringing Extreme Horror to Nebraska

Miasma, Chicago’s extreme haunt masters, is mounting a new experience this summer. Homecoming Homecoming Homecoming will run for a single night on June 29th in Omaha, NE. This will be the first Miasma experience outside of their home in Chicago. Homecoming will feature a score by experimental noise artist Bovinae.   Tickets will be limited […]

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