Opechee Haunt, Home Haunt, Haunted House, Glendale, CA


The Opechee Haunt is an ever-evolving series of haunted mazes and other productions from young creator Sam Kellman. Tackling a variety of unique themes including a haunt adaptation of the film Donnie Darko, the Opechee Haunt is a small but highly ambitious operation that is quickly gaining steam in the LA community.

  • Located at the 1307 Opechee Way in Glendale, CA (but some experiences have taken place at other locations)
  • Walkthrough haunted house with some jump scares
  • No intentional touch from actors
  • Subject matter and intensity level may vary from year to year
  • Abundant special effects including strobe lights and fog
  • Logistics of walkthrough may vary, some experiences have allowed small groups while others require guests to go through solo, see website for details

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The Opechee Haunt is the brainchild of Sam Kellman, one of the youngest members of LA’s haunt community (16 years old at the time of this writing with half a decade of experience under his belt!). What began as a child’s birthday party quickly progressed into a full-fledged haunted maze with a full staff and impressive special effects work.


The haunt varies considerably from year to year, and has included everything from a detailed adaptation of Donnie Darko to a high tech light and sound display called Jack’s Halloween Jambooree. The audience for these experiences will naturally vary as well – while the light shows are more than suitable for children, something like the Donnie Darko experience may be more intense and intimate.


One common thread through each of the experiences is the expert use of special effects, which easily surpass most home haunts in Los Angeles and approach the level of much larger, more established productions. The haunted mazes are often staffed by young, extremely committed actors, many of whom give intense performances without the crutch of an expensive costume. Jump scares are used perhaps more sparingly than other haunts, as Kellman and crew prefer to build tension and create memorable images and moments. In the past, Opechee has found novel ways to immerse its audience through technology; one show in particular included a guided audio tour that served as the haunt’s exposition.


For those considering attending, the Opechee Haunt has provided full walkthrough videos of many of their haunts on their official Youtube channel. Opechee is a familiar face at many horror conventions such as Midsummer Scream, usually offering short teaser versions of their Fall productions.


Since The Opechee Haunt name covers a variety of experiences, it is difficult to make specific recommendations for guests. Visitors can consult the website and/or social media for more information on each experience. The Opechee Haunt is true up-and-comer on the scene, and one can expect very big things from Kellman and company in the future.


october, 2021


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