ScareLA 2018 – Transitioning From Horror to Haunt Panel – Ft. Blackout and CreepLA

Below is the full panel, From Horror to Haunt: Transitioning from Screen to Immersive Entertainment, presented at ScareLA in 2018. Special thanks to Kevin Hsu for filming the panel, and Jon Kobryn for editing it.


Join panelists Gypsy Taylor (Creative Director; Costume Designer, Castle Rock Experience), Holly Lander (Art Designer, Castle Rock Experience), Daniel Montgomery (Artistic Director/Writer, CreepLA, LORE) and Josh Randall (Creator, BLACKOUT, The Strangers Experience) as they discuss using extreme haunts and immersive experiences as a way of advertising for films and television shows.


Instead of watching from the safety of a couch or a theater, audiences are brought into the living, breathing worlds of their favorite films or television shows via exciting immersive pop-ups. By hand-selecting scenes and themes from the source material, relying on trustworthy actors, and using inspiring ways to immerse their audiences, these events serve as the ultimate promotional trailer. Some help bring awareness to established or upcoming shows like Amazon’s LORE, while experiences like The Strangers and Castle Rock engage their guests by bringing them as close to the action as possible, the horror palpable and exciting.


Hear how these innovative creators find their inspirations, how they decide what to include in their events, and how they immerse their audiences in worlds they have only seen on screens.


Moderated by Jon Schnitzer (Director/Producer, Haunters)

Some of horror’s most talented creators inevitably transition their careers from screen screams to live entertainment. Hear how these horror pioneers have made the switch and learn from their scary experiences.


For more information about these amazing creators:

Gypsy Taylor & Holly Lander – Check out Pencil Skirt Productions on their website, or on their Facebook page.

Daniel Montgomery – Check out CreepLA on their website or on their Facebook page, and purchase tickets to their fall show, Awake.

Josh Randall – Check out BLACKOUT on their website, or on their Facebook page.

About The Author

Lacey Pawlowicz
Ever since seeing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video, Lacey has been obsessed with all things horror and Halloween. Now, she watches, produces and acts in horror films, and is lucky enough to attend haunts/immersive events and write about them. Groovy!

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