Freakling Bros Gates of Hell - Trilogy of Terror


Freakling Bros: Trilogy of Terror is a series of three Las Vegas Haunted Attractions that range in extremity from magical & nostalgic to intense & shocking. These haunts will run the gambit of emotion, awakening a childlike sense of wonder in you and then pushing you to an extreme. It is well worth a trip to Vegas to experience these.

  • Freakling Bros: Trilogy of Terror
  • Gates of Hell is a light Extreme Haunt
  • 4245 S. Grand Canyon Drive, Las Vegas, NV
  • Group Experience with No to Minor Contact
  • Contains Electricity Elements in Gates of Hell
  • Innovative & Creative Haunted House
  • The Three Haunts Range in Extremity

Freakling Bros: Trilogy of Terror runs every Halloween Season.

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Trilogy of Terror: Gates of Hell


Trilogy of Terror: Castle Vampyre & Coven of 13


More about Freakling Bros: Trilogy of Terror

Established in 1976, Freakling Bros., creators of Las Vegas’ premiere haunted attractions, unveiled the cities first free-standing haunted attractions in 1992 at the corner of Sahara and Decatur Boulevard. Three years later the company pioneered the development of the industry’s first six trailer, completely self-contained mobile attraction, paving the way for a new concept in “haunted houses” that would sweep the country. By the year 2000, two additional attractions had been added giving the company three separate and unique haunted structures. Every few years one of these attractions is demolished and completely rebuilt, insuring Freakling Bros. the ability to present the newest and most innovative technology available.

In 2011, in an aggressive attempt to remain on the cutting edge, we unveiled the first ever R-Rated Haunted attraction in the state of Nevada, The Gates of Hell: an experiment in serious, uncompromising, interactive horror. It was an unprecedented gamble based on one simple theory: that our adult audience was ready for something more. What we had initially built for a niche’ audience surprised us by becoming a main stream success. Geared for the 17+ crowd, and based on the concept that “things happen to you”, The GATES of HELL is now a nationwide haunt industry phenomenon and an absolute game changer in the city of Las Vegas. 2011 represented a sort of rebirth for Freakling Bros. We experienced overwhelming crowds, and were Ranked #1 in the Western U.S. by Then in 2013, with the unveiling of The Victim Experience, an all new level of intensity was achieved: “The only must-see Haunt in Nevada!”. “Third most Extreme Haunt in America!”. “Our staff considers Freakling Bros. one of the top Haunted Attractions in the world!”. We have reestablished ourselves, once again, as the trend setter in the haunt industry.

By concentrating on primal fears, relying on the power of live performers, and employing the art of theatrical illusion, Freakling Bros. has been and continues to remain a leader in the haunted attraction industry, with a reputation as “one of the best in the business” for over 30 years.

The Current Mazes are the Following:

Castle Vampyre: Combining horror, magic, and illusion, Castle Vampyre captures a nostalgic feel of Halloween as it awakens your childhood sense of wonder. Enter the castle of the oldest vampire and see if you can exit without being changed yourself.

Coven of Thirteen: Coven is defined as a group of witches that met regularly; especially in groups of 13. This haunt is a step up from Castle Vampyre, combining more scares with creative staging and some effective claustrophobic scenes.  In the thick darkness of the witching hour, as night becomes early morning, When most of us are fast sleep, a pack of cloaked, ageless figures gathers and chants. If you listen closely in the night, you will hear them. They speak slowly, softly, deliberately, and with insidious intention. Their physical bodies are diseased, decrepit, and rotten, but when the Old Hag summons the dark spirit, and the High Priest channels the ferocity of its essence, they are empowered, and they are fierce. These are the dark witches of 13, born of sepsis and poison: You have been invited to make their coven complete. They call to you and welcome you in, to be vetted, initiated, and even reborn as one of them. Do you dare try to make the cut? Freakling Bros. presents The Coven of 13 – an new horror experience that pushes the boundaries of complete and total immersion while offering a unique, company-trademark take on one of Halloween’s oldest and most classic themes: Witches, Warlocks, and Black Magic.

Gates of Hell: In 2011, Freakling Bros unveiled the first ever R-Rated Haunted attraction in the state of Nevada. It was an unprecedented gamble based on one simple theory: that their adult audience was ready for something more. Thanks to their amazing and loyal patrons, what they had initially built for a niche’ audience surprised them by becoming a main stream success. Gates of Hell is now a nationwide haunt industry phenomenon. Still the one and only R-Rated haunted house in the State of Nevada, don’t miss what everyone is talking about: a look at “The darker side of Freakling Bros.” The Gates of Hell is a sadistic experiment in absolute sensory overload. You won’t be a spectator. Prepare for heart pounding, claustrophobic terror; face the reality of your own violent death…… and finally experience a slow and painful descent into cold, black nothingness to meet the Prince of Darkness himself. Spoilers: what makes Gates of Hell so intense is its heavy use of electricity and shocks. It is done in a completely safe manner but is intense. It can be a good stepping stone for working your way up to more extreme experiences.

Note: Freakling Bros also puts on The Victim Experience, but this is an after hours extreme haunt experience and not a part of the Trilogy of Terror.


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