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MetaForYou produces unique immersive & interactive theatre services for clients from personal private events to large brand activations.

  • Los Angeles-based immersive producer
  • A group of veteran immersive actors
  • Shows range from solo interactions to large-scale productions
  • Offers Consultant Services as well as producing experiences
  • Welcomes immersive experiences of any scale

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More on Metaforyou

This immersive collective creates and provides opportunities for people to play. They take the knowledge, art and application grown from the participatory principles of immersive interactive theatre to the masses, in subtle unobtrusive ways, to give guests access to these unique memorable moments. They provide anything and everything from talent to content to consultations to bring these gems of immersive interactive theatre to any event/gathering.

Few companies know the ins and outs of immersive performance like Metaforyou; they understand how the dynamics of this form exist in every event and occasion. Much of the magic of immersive relies on proper and specific audience/guest direction and “onboarding,” and they know how to effectively apply this in any situation. If you already have an immersive interactive project, or would like to incorporate these dynamics into your event, their team is experienced and adept at training and troubleshooting to enhance these dynamics, and help make your event run smoother, boost depth, and be more engaging and compelling.

Metaforyou was founded by Terence Leclere, with the help of Dasha Kittredge, Niyia Mack among other immersive theatre regulars, performers and creators well known for their unique style and professionalism in the medium of immersive theatre. Together, they bring their wealth of experience to the table to specialize in taking your or your business’ ideas and bringing them to life in unexpected ways. From big brand activations, to collaborative efforts with other theatre companies, to private events like weddings and birthdays, Metaforyou is available to provide scripts, actors, and coordination to pull off any production imaginable, with a decidedly immersive bent.

Recent events have included pop up activations for network television, a collaboration for the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival, events at the Santa Monica Pier, Pasadena Playhouse, Two Bit Circus, Cloak and Dagger, Drunken Devil, and even a Bastille Day celebration for Belmont Senior Living. They also provide expert consultation for event planning to take your experiences and parties to the next level.

Quotes from past clients John Veron and Eri Hawkins, who used Metaforyou to plan their immersive wedding celebration:

“[We] came to Metaforyou with a fleshed out creative outline and relied on them to execute. It was Terence, Niyia, Dasha, and their team’s job to turn out overall vision into specifics with regards to costume, performance, etc. They succeeded at this beyond our wildest dreams…people with a vision for a show but not a lot of expertise in the ins and outs of immersive theatre production can depend on Metaforyou to turn their vision, no matter how vague, into a reality.

Terence and Co. were fantastic creative partners. They got the overall theming of what we were going for immediately, they were receptive to feedback, and they brought their own ideas to the table that made the end product even better than it was in our heads. Tons of people have called it the best wedding they’ve ever been to, and we couldn’t have done it without Metaforyou.”

If you’d like to hire Metaforyou for a consultation or to help create the event of your dreams, please visit our links below and their website to start your adventure together.


december, 2023


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