Horrorwood Video Continues to Redefine the Vegas Immersive Landscape

Slaughterhouse Massacre 5 – I know that you enjoyed that last year. Leon, our favorite Horrorwood Video clerk, clutches a bootleg VHS tape, pointing at the label. But number 6 puts 1 through 5 in the grave. Pig Gut returns, because some of us don’t know when to die. I find myself back in the […]

Caitlin Manor is a 20-Minute Home Haunt Bursting with Detail for a Cause

The Santa Ana winds howl louder than any soundtrack. A wooden fence adorned with orange Halloween lights is slammed by the invisible force, banging back and forth. To escape the winds, our group takes refuge in a small courtyard. Altered by our presence, Frankenstein’s Monster springs to life, eyes glowing, arms moving. We move through […]

High Desert Haunted House 2019 Is Wonderfully Authentic – Video & Review

The animalistic howl fills the air. A creature in a home-made mask with large boar tusks barrels toward me on all fours; dirt and dust trailing him like a cloak. Yet, before he reaches me, he crawls through a small hole beneath aluminum sliding and metal grating. I move through a small gate, into another […]

An Exclusive Interview with Robbie Luther – The Creative Mind Behind The 17th Door

The 17th Door is the most successful extreme haunt of all time. I can say that as a fact. Over a thousand guests enter their doors in a single night, and their team consistently provides audiences the same experience every time - with scares landing effectively, efficiently, and safely. This is largely due to co-owner [...]

The Unbrunch Is the Next Generation of Immersive Theater in NYC

Swirls of black and white circle against the wall, shrinking infinitesimally small and disappearing into nothingness; two clouds of green and black float precariously, threatening rain; and a woman dressed in white and black kneels before a participant, her left ring finger touches his right sneaker. The White Rabbit claps his hands together: That’s it! […]

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