Alone The Fear Experience Reign of Terror Entertainment ROT Immersive Horror Haunted House Northumberland Pennsylvania Haunting Gregory Carl

Take an Isolated Journey through Terror in Alone – The Fear Experience

The following is a spoiler-free review for Alone – The Fear Experience by Reign of Terror Entertainment located in Northumberland, Pennsylvania.  This is not to be confused with the immersive company Alone based in Los Angeles, California or the haunted house Reign of Terror in Thousand Oaks, California.   Alone in the dead of night, […]

Overlook Film Festival - New Orleans NOLA - Immersive theater horror - movies - puppet master - st agatha - unfriended - blackout - infinitely dinner society - e3w - in another room

The Overlook Film Festival – Our Horror Recommendations for NOLA

The Overlook Film Festival was one of our favorite events of last year. Celebrating the art of immersive horror storytelling, Overlook masterfully combined immersive experiences, movie films, spoken word, virtual reality, and an overarching immersive game to delight and inspire audiences. This year, The Overlook Film Festival is proud to announce its second year programming […]

The Fleecing Almanac Immersive Theater Philadelphia

Discover and Explore a Whimsical World in Almanac’s The Fleecing

An old, historic mansion silently rests just a short drive outside the city of Philadelphia.  Peer through the windows and you’ll witness a congregation of individuals all dressed as elegantly as the space surrounding them.  The Order of Mammon has come together tonight because the rumors are true: the Bumblefish has died (again).  For the […]

Whisperlodge, ASMR, Immersive Theater

Whisperlodge Video Provides an Intimate Look at their Los Angeles Debut

Whisperlodge, an intimately guided spa for the senses, made its west coast debut in Fall 2017 by bringing over its unique ASMR experience to San Francisco and Los Angeles.  The show is produced by Andrew Hoepfner (creator of the immersive theater performance, Houseworld), Steph Singer (creator of the immersive classical musical experience, BitterSuite), Melinda Lauw [...]

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