The ABC Project is a series of 26 site specific pieces of interactive theater written and directed by Annie Katherine Lesser. These shows require heavy interaction with actors and benefit by forming a connection during the experience.

  • Los Angeles Area
  • Individual Shows/Group Shows
  • Minor Contact; Alcohol; Emotional
  • Heavy one-on-one Character Interaction
  • Themes Focusing on the Human Condition

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More on ABC Project

ABC Project is part of LA Weekly’s Best of LA 2016 in the Arts and Entertainment as Most Extreme Audience Immersion.

Annie is an international award winning poet and playwright. Her first interactive theater piece Getting to Know You: An Experiemnt in Intimacy premiered in June 2015 at the Hollywood Fringe Festival where it won the Freshman Spirit of the Fringe Award, and was called by Anthony Byrnes on KCRW, “An inspired combination of speed dating and relationship time travel.” After the premiere of ABC Project’s A(Partment 8) Stage Raw’s Bill Raden declared, “In the few years since she landed in Los Angeles, experimental playwright-director Annie Lesser has firmly established herself as one of the most fearless and adventurous forces in the city’s emerging immersive scene.”

Annie Lesser has launched a Patreon page to help support her work on the ABC Project and other immersive theatre endeavors. Patrons receive presale access to tickets for her highly in-demand productions as well as other rewards.

Selected Previous Shows:

A(partment 8): Take a walk in someone else’s skin in this fully immersive theatrical experience. One audience member per performance. Morbid and disturbing with a twinge of black humor. This astounding run of over 100 performances done one audience member at a time occured in June of 2016. The show won the O Face Award for Best Acting at the Hollywood Fringe and was nominated for Top of the Fringe, Best World Premiere, Best Movement or Dance Piece and the Duende Distinction Award. It was revived for the 2017 Hollywood Fringe, winning the inaugural best Immersive Theatre award in the first year the fringe recognized immersive as its own submission category.

B(arbershop): This show differentiated itself by providing two timeslots: one 25 minute show and one 10 minute show, in which the 10 minute show interrupts and joins an already started show part way through. Focusing on themes of trust and control, (B)arbershop succeeded in creating an intimate relationship between actor and audience member.

C(ovell): This show is inspired by wine, dime museums and the questions that bond people together. Grab a drink and gather around–share a secret and make a real connection. But the heart of this show is the characters that inhabit this space. Witness the magic they share as they share their feelings with you.

D(istillery): Attend a tour of a local distillery to learn about the painstaking journey one can take while transforming one thing into another. Become acquainted with the many sides of this wistful brandy-maker as they endeavor to distill the essence of life.

E(levator), Students, and Friends: A trio of separately-ticketed shows one could choose to see individually or during the course of a single night. Each show takes place in a different area of a mental health facility, featuring overlapping characters as each piece approaches them from a different point of view. Allow your preconceived notions and empathy to be tested as you witness the many sides of a struggle from within.

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