Haunters Celebrates the Lives of Haunters – Exclusive Interview with Jon Schnitzer

Haunters: The Art Of The Scare celebrates the love, the passion, the horror, and the fear that drives haunt visionaries to create some of the best, most frightening, and most controversial haunted houses. It’s intelligent, it’s honest, and it’s heartfelt--and it feels like a haunt. Mirroring its subject matter, it doesn't hold back. It offers [...]

Lore is Brought to Life by CreepLA’s Just Fix It Productions

Since 2015, CreepLA has made their mark on the haunt scene by exploring the grotesque, unseemly side of human nature. The titular creeps represent not larger-than-life forces, but the faces behind the masks, the origin stories behind the treachery. By the same token, Aaron Mahnke’s Lore podcast and its upcoming Amazon Video adaptation showcase true, […]

John Dobrenick Promises to Change Our Reality with Illicitus Theatre

Illicitus Theatre is a new immersive experience combining elements of Broadway theater, full-contact extreme experiences, haunted houses, and escape rooms for a multi-hour experience. This experience is said to give you an active role in your own story—making you the star of the experience. Haunting sat down with creator John Dobrenick to learn a little more [...]

SpectreVision Brings Transference VR Demo to Fantastic Fest

Festival goers at this year's Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX were treated to quite an exciting experience with SpectreVision's TRANSFERENCE VR Demo. The thrilling virtual reality game was a collaboration between the film production company and video game partner Ubisoft.   Haunting had the opportunity to sit down with Daniel Noah (Partner/Dir. of Development, SpectreVision) [...]

Cabaret le Fey Marries Sensuality & Horror at the Vampire Lounge

It’s been over a month since Midsummer Scream, but the happenings are still fresh in the minds of haunt fans across Southern California. This year, more than any year prior, the frightfully sensual reigned over the floor; from Gorlesque’s Peep Show commanding a staggering queue to the inspired creations of the Poltergeists and Paramours fashion […]

Kaidan Project – An Interview with Sean Cawelti – “The Noise of our Histories & the Silences that Haunt Us”

Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin “You receive a letter from your childhood friend who is haunted by a mysterious event in your shared past—and she needs your help. When you arrive at her family’s warehouse, you ascend to the fifth and sixth floors in a creaking freight elevator, followed by a voice that calls out […]

Obscura Horror Offers a New Destination for Fear – An Interview with TC Mortem

Obscura Horror and TC Mortem Obscura Horror is a new immersive horror simulation based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Offering real news articles, clever puzzles, and a high level of personalization for each participant, they have quickly differentiated themselves and claimed a loyal following among the Alternate Reality Experience and Extreme Haunt fans. Haunting was offered […]

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