Ghost Figure - 2022 Halloween Guide

Haunting’s 2022 Halloween Guide

Welcome to Haunting’s 2022 Halloween Guide. In our yearly guide, we introduce you to the best Halloween experiences, haunted houses, conventions, immersive horror experiences, yard displays, and more. If you love Halloween, horror, or immersive entertainment, then this is the perfect guide for you.

This year, we are adjusting our format. We have organized all events by category (Haunted Houses, Conventions, Immersive Horror, et cetera) and further, by location. At the top, we have a table of contents so you can jump around in the article to find exactly what you’re looking for. We have sliders showcasing all events in each category, so click on an event you’re interested and you’ll be given more information, exact location, and dates of operation.

While the organization here showcases everything we have to offer, our Halloween Event Listings allows even more control in filtering events so you’re only seeing what you want to see.

Happy Halloween!

Table of Contents

Immersive Horror

Immersive Horror experiences offer a step up from the traditional haunted house, offering participants a more active role in their narrative. Participants can often explore a location, spending more time in rooms, and engage in a strong narrative. Think of this as a personal, intimate, and evocative experience. While the experiences here do offer engage and interaction with actors, this is in service of a narrative and rarely includes actor contact. These are safe, vetted, and are meant to a lasting memory with the audience.

Los Angeles

San Gabriel Valley (North Eastern Corner of LA)

Orange County

Inland Empire

Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses or “Haunts” are walkthrough mazes in which guests, usually in a single file, walk through a themed set and have actors in costume jump out–“jump scare”–the participants. These are the bread-and-butter of the Halloween season and can be experienced by teens to adults alike. While there are other categories that have innovated on this concept (e.g., immersive horror), these are the best foray into Halloween experiences and offer a wonderful adrenaline experience. Actors here should not touch audiences and the narratives are implied but rarely explored.

Los Angeles