Freakling Bros - The Victim Experience - Extreme Haunt - Las Vegas - Simulated Death


The Victim Experience by Freakling Bros is the most realistic, traumatic, and horrifying test of psychological fortitude currently being offered in the United States. You’re not the voyeur; you’re the victim. This show simulated death in very realistic and visceral manners.

  • Extreme Haunt
  • Las Vegas
  • Individual Experience
  • Full Physical Contact
  • Electricity, Drowning, and Suffocation
  • Extreme simulated death scenarios
  • Only 30% don’t use the safe-word

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More on Freakling Bros: The Victim Experience

The Freakling Bros. Gates of Hell was one of the first haunts to bill itself as Rated R due to graphic content, touching, and other extreme elements. This haunt required all participants to be 18+ and made everyone sign a waiver. Rumor had it that the last group to walk through every night got a special, more extreme, experience with actors taking their time with this group and drawing out the torture. People started showing up and waiting around to be the final group. That’s when Freakling Bros. realized there was a market for more extreme clientele.

In October 2013, “The Victim Experience” was unveiled for extreme thrill seekers. Tickets for the entire month sold out in less than 2 weeks. The majority of the “Victims” were from out of state, and 20 percent were repeat customers. Although the success rate was just under 30%, satisfaction was nearly unanimous. 99% of those who attempted not only believed they delivered on-site, but most contacted Freakling Bros days or weeks later to thank them, citing a great “sense of accomplishment”, a general “paradigm shift” a “renewed life perspective” and other similar results that had never anticipated.

In Spring of 2014, The Victim Experience was offered as an off-season event called The Victim Experience: March of Death. “A twisted, masochistic, and utterly Hellish experience for that special kind of thrill seeker.”

The Victim Experience then returned in October of 2014 & 2015. They took a break in 2016 so they could come back even bigger in 2017.

In 2017, The Freakling Bros. Proudly Presented The Victim Experience III: A twisted, masochistic, and utterly Hellish experience for that special kind of thrill seeker. This experience was not for most. This experience is not “fun.”

What’s Included in a Ticket Purchase:

  • Orientation and safety class (on site) with refreshments. This is where you will meet your fellow “Victims”.
    Last Rites with Pope Satanus.
  • Your official trip through the immersive “The Gates of Hell: Uncensored”, filled with various horrors, challenges, obstacles, and aberrations.
  • Decompression and debriefing in heated tent with your fellow Victims and the creators of the event. This includes hot drinks, cold beverages, and snacks.
  • Option to stay on site and watch other Victims in subsequent time slots attempt to make it through.
  • Survivor T-Shirts were awarded to those who make it through. These special edition shirts are not available for purchase and allow survivors wearing the shirt free front of the line access to all the Freakling Bros haunts for life.

Description of Victim Experience Themes:

The basic themes are easy enough to describe.  Think of the Victim Experience as a realistic and visceral simulation of pretty much every violent crime you can imagine, with you in the role of victim, and you won’t be far wrong.  Or get a ticket for Gates of Hell during its normal hours, and walk through its dark maze with its electric shocks, and actors who jump out and make contact with you, yelling terrible things.  Now imagine how any given room could be made ten times worse — you’ll still be missing some critical details, but you’ll be on the right track.

If you think of Gates of Hell as an R-rated movie, Victim Experience is the NC-17 version. No matter what your personal fears or taboos, you will find something to shock, offend or trigger you.  This is a design feature.  The Victim Experience is not only physically brutal, but like any good rite of passage it will test your mind, body, and soul, and leave its marks on them all as well.  It is not fun, not one second of it.

What makes this, for at least a few, an experience to seek out rather than flee from, is that the event is run by some of the most caring and hospitable people you will meet. The love is readily apparent in the pre-show briefing, and in the post-show decompression.  It is still there, possibly in greater measure, during the show, which was built with incredible attention to safety.  But you will not feel that love during the show; you will just have to accept that it is there, and that despite what any of your senses are screaming, the people around you want you to succeed.

The Victim Experience did not occur in 2018 or 2019 but may return in 2020. 

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