C(ovell) is an Enchanting Evening of Laughter & Magic

“We ask for your minds and we ask for your hearts. Are you ready to gamble with the unknowable? We may be liars. This all may be an illusion. But aren’t illusions half the fun? With all battles, losers may lose, and winners may also lose. Once it begins, you must play. It’s the best, you simply must—but until then, you […]

The Speakeasy Society – The Axe

There are minor spoilers for The Axe, Chapter 2 in The Speakeasy Society’s The Kansas Collection below, but we’ve done our best to avoid plot points and keep key characters ambiguous.  Thank you to Max Droegemueller for his helpful comments and direction on this review.     “I’m going to give you a bit of advice, […]

Heretic – The End

  H E R E T I C PROTEUS T H E   E N D   I am driving through a seedy subsection of Los Angeles. Burnt-out cars and police sirens herald my arrival. Normally, I know where I am going, but today is different. I have no address; only the instructions to text when […]

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