Cracked vs Heretic – Six Hours, Two Haunts, One Night

Easter weekend brought two of the edgiest extreme haunts in the world together in a celebration of cerebral terror in an unassuming small town in central England. Adrian Marcato, the mastermind of the Los Angeles underground extreme horror event known as H E R E T I C, joined forces with Blake Ciccone, the developer […]

The Nest – A Heartfelt Journey Through A Life – Scout Expedition Co.

This review contains no major spoilers for The Nest, but does cover themes, strengths, and logistics.    Scout Expedition Co.’s The Nest is a magical experience—full of wonder, exploration, and heart. Step into a small storage unit and be transported into another world, another life. Through audio tapes that span a lifetime and the belongings […]

Have You Seen Jake – Redefining an Emotional Response

Jake went missing in September. When you combine trauma and grief, sometimes it’s easier to forget than remember what happened. For seven months, Jake’s friends searched for him. Together with our guide, Blue, we’ve opened ourselves up to an emotional therapy session, we’ve dreamt of both trauma and hope, we’ve braved Jake’s abusive parents on […]

C(ovell) is an Enchanting Evening of Laughter & Magic

“We ask for your minds and we ask for your hearts. Are you ready to gamble with the unknowable? We may be liars. This all may be an illusion. But aren’t illusions half the fun? With all battles, losers may lose, and winners may also lose. Once it begins, you must play. It’s the best, you simply must—but until then, you […]

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