The Unmarked Door is a Los Angeles-based immersive experience company that creates whimsical musical worlds to be explored and interacted with.

  • Los Angeles Area
  • Group experiences that are inclusive to all
  • Strong narratives with a focus on narrative score and/or sound design.
  • One-on-ones to connect and engage audiences
  • Specially picked venues that enhance the story
  • Light-medium contact

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More on The Unmarked Door

The Unmarked Door is “a vehicle for all sorts of ’open frame’ experiments with a sense of inclusion being at the heart of the mission.” It brings together a team of successful musicians and composers with some immersive heavyweights: writer Sterling Powers (The Witnessing), songwriter/performer; producer Savannah Wheeler, Los Angeles-based musician/songwriter and film composer; production designer Liam Moore (The Heart of Winter), who has worked with Punchdrunk and Secret Cinema as well as numerous LA immersive shows; director Syrie Moskowitz (The Heart of Winter), whose impressive resume includes Sleep No More and The Midnight Frolic; and Lola Kelly (The Witnessing), who has been directing theater for over a decade and most recently starred in Hall and Mirror’s bespoke immersive experience for one audience, YOU.

And the icing on top is The Unmarked Door’s founder, British film composer and songwriter, Rolfe Kent. Writing scores for over fifty films, including Academy Award nominated Up in the Air for which he won a Golden Satellite award, and Sideways for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award in 2007. Kent may be best known for his Emmy-nominated main title theme for the hit TV show, Dexter.


Selected Past Experiences:

June 2018: The Witnessing. A chilling multi-sensory exploration into a shocking paranormal investigation. Case file photographs, footage, artifacts, and recordings bring this terrifying ordeal to life as writer Sterling Powers explores the intersection between science, history, superstition and tribalism through a documented experience.

Selection for our review: “The Witnessing takes the ghost story we’ve heard dozens of times and puts us on the intellectual fringe of it; it’s entirely up to the audience to decide what they think is real or disprovable. It’s in the play’s title; we as participants will be the ones witnessing the incomprehensible. Dr. Daugherty says he’s the expert, he says that everything will be explained in time, but what is that strange sound?  Did you see those lights flicker on and off? Can you ever really be sure that the afterlife is a myth?  And there’s still one more question you need to ask yourself, once the lecture concludes: have you ever had an experience with the paranormal? Don’t be too surprised if your answer has changed.”


Dec 2017: The Heart of Winter. Lanterns, Polar Bears, and a Singing Tryst, OH MY! Reunite with your former college classmates from Advanced Pyrotechnics and Theoretical Lasers (Professor Gustavson’s Class, remember?) on a Winter Camping Adventure. Get ready for team games around the campfire, a rousing snowball fight, and waltzing to the backdrop of falling snow, all while helping Sebastian figure out his love life in an Enchanted Winter Forest.

Selection for our review: “As the audience is warmly assimilated into the fictional graduating class, the cast and creative team of Heart of Winter do their charming, lighthearted best to simulate that very real feeling of returning home with the winter chill and wrapping yourself up in the musty warmth of the life you outgrew like that long-neglected winter coat in your closet, out of style but no less cozy and familiar. It is an identifiable sentiment to anyone who has ever braced themselves prior to their own homecoming, even in the age of Facebook, for the nervous uncertainty of a night that can hold the potential of old wounds reopened, old flames rekindled, and perhaps even old hopes that were collecting dust under a stack of yearbooks at last fulfilled. Heart of Winter’s greatest gift is providing a space for its audience to put these anxieties aside for a night and dig even deeper, tapping into their most innocent, child-like instincts and allowing them a night to run free in the company of a room full of others similarly young at heart. In the end, isn’t that what the holidays are all about?”



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