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LA Haunted Hayride invites audiences to enter Midnight Falls, a campy, fun, and spooky town that is perpetually stuck in a 1985 celebration of Halloween. Meet various members of the town who will interact and engage with audiences, ride their hayride through town, and experience their mazes which reveal more of the lore of the town. This is a fantastic Halloween event, showing that mazes can be so much more than just jump-scares.

  • LA Haunted Hayride
  • Griffith Park (Old Zoo) 4730 Crystal Springs Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027
  • Group Experience in the Maze & Hayride
  • High interactivity from actors in Midnight Falls
  • Concert by Monte Revolta and his Living Dead Band
  • No Contact; Fog; Jump Scares; Loud Noises
  • Traditional scares with some interesting twists

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More about The LA Haunted Hayride

LA Haunted Hayride brings to life the magic and horror of Halloween in haunted attractions emphasizing artful depictions of classic Halloween themes.

While LA Haunted Hayride has always been well-known, it hasn’t always had the same notoriety as the large theme park attractions had. But that all changed with the transition from Ten Thirty One Productions to Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, and especially the involvement of Jon Cooke and his company, Plague Productions. In 2019, Cooke did what he did for Dark Harbor in 2018 and transformed LA Haunted Hayride into a novel and innovative experience with Midnight Falls. Seated as Creative Director of Thirteenth Floor, Cooke and his team has truly created something special, something charming, and something spooky for Los Angeles to enjoy this Halloween season.

LA Haunted Hayride welcomes guests to Midnight Falls, a humble town perpetually stuck in the celebration of Halloween during the year 1985. This year, Midnight Falls offers three separate mazes—or haunted houses—for you to explore, as well as the titular Haunted Hayride, in which twenty or so guests step into an open-air trailer pulled by a tractor, experiencing all the frights that happen around them. There are food options, ranging from creepy crepes to pumpkin soup and grilled cheese, a Midnight Falls General Store with plenty of merchandise to purchase, and sweet treat vendors scattered about. Beyond the mazes and hayride, the mayor of Midnight Falls, the undead lounge singer Monte Revolta and his band of the living dead, takes to the stage at multiple times throughout the night for a full concert. Expect to spend an entire evening here—and potentially come back for seconds.


Prior Attractions:

Dead End Diner: Dead End Diner offers guests a chance to step into Midnight Fall’s diner and connect in with their food source. Explore the urban decay of maze like fences and reach the farms that provide food. What awaits in the barn is something you will need to prepare for.

Midnight Mortuary: Midnight Mortuary is a gothic exploration of a mortuary, funeral parlor, a cemetery, and morgue. The sets are dark and gloomy, and are simply gorgeous to behold. And the residents inside are a pleasure to interact with. This is a fan favorite, along with Trick-or-Treat.

House of Shadows: House of Shadows is a labyrinth of twists and turns with only an ever-present strobe to light the way. It’s a true maze in which the exit is difficult to find and creatures of darkness just waiting to be found.

Secret Society: In their  2016 attraction, patrons ride down an eerie dark path while being educated about Secret Society of Samhain (aka Halloween) by haunted hosts. Upon entering the hayride gates, patrons become initiated into the Secret Society of Halloween and are judged into one of two factions: The Elite or The Deranged.  In accordance with their new status within the secret society, patrons are placed on a path exposing the clandestine lives of their faction and experience an initiation led by ghosts of hayriders past.

Ouija Origin of Evil-House of Shadows: Presented with Universal Pictures, this dark maze leaves patrons literally in the dark. In this haunted house, patrons make their way through the shadows while coming across terrifying demon spirits.

Trick-or-Treat: A classic vintage Halloween experience, offering guests the ability to Trick-or-Treat through a suburban town celebrating Halloween. Yet, there are often more tricks than treats–and the residents are more than happy to provide frights to go along with it. This experience has continued as a fan favorite and now offers guests a chance to explore Midnight Falls’ suburban town of Halloween.

Purgatory: Experience the charm and magic of this old world ‘haunted village’. Become a part of the show at Theatre Macabre, ride the Scary-Go-Round, enjoy food & drink at the Grub Shack, step into a murder scene or death device inside Death Row, shop in the Bootique, carve a pumpkin at Jack’s Carving Shack, witness an enchanting light show, or visit a psychic.


september, 2023


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