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The Great Company (GreatCo) is an LA-based experiential studio that creates both branded and original narrative driven interactive installations and immersive experiences. Over its history, GreatCo has partnered with brands in entertainment, retail, foodservice and technology as well as companies and creators within the realms of immersive theater and immersive horror to build cutting-edge narratives that have emotional impact while, where appropriate, also communicating their sponsor’s message.

  • Los Angeles area
  • Group experiences with varying degrees of interaction
  • Limited personal agency
  • Impressive set design and use of space
  • Mid-sized studio space south of Echo Park
  • Focused on using an emotional response to convey branded or corporate messages.

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More on The Great Company

While GreatCo’s primary focus seems to be on interactive and at times, deeply immersive branded activations and events, they have recently started partnering with companies and creators within the Los Angeles immersive scene to create fully original works of theater, horror and performance art. While perhaps not an immersive theater company in and of itself, GreatCo has proven adept at blending the commercial with the emotional, and seems skilled at helping immersive producers take their creations to bold, impressive new levels.


Selected Shows:

Alt Delete: GreatCo’s latest collaboration with Jon Braver and Delusion, Alt Delete is a spin-off chapter from their previous time travel epic, The Blue Blade. Rogue scientist Evelyn Lowell, wielding the famed Blue Blade, has created a black market time travel business. Professor Lowell is as elusive as she is wealthy, but every tear in time she creates for her clients leaves a path for pursuers. And there are plenty.

Covering Evelyn’s tracks is the job of her Underwriters; assessors of danger and eliminators of risk. There’s been a breach in Professor Lowell’s Computer Lab in 1982. Time to do your job.


Delusion: The Blue Blade: GreatCo partnered with Jon Braver to produce the sixth story in the Delusion Universe, which had guests embark on a live, otherworldly adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones. Guests took on the role of initiates in the mysterious Safeguard Society to track down the lost-in-time Professor Evelyn Lowell, a former member who’s stolen the powerful Blue Blade—an artifact that gives the wielder great power over time and space. A swashbuckling journey through time, The Blue Blade represented a change in both tone and ambition for Delusion.

From the Haunting review: “The production, as always, is absolutely stellar and on a completely different level than most immersives. The stunning sets range from an expansive jungle, complete with a small river, to lived-in, cluttered offices full of details and hidden clues to Dr. Lowell’s whereabouts. The minutiae and tangible objects of The Blue Blade create a fully-realized world for guests to explore. Mixed in with the physical setting and props, the technological feats also aide in fleshing out the supernatural and sci-fi elements in the narrative. The lights and sounds are used to stunning effect: stirring up dread and palpable fear as the physical manifestations of Dr. Lowell’s demons rise from the darkness; dazzling and crackling when a new portal opens; unsettling as bombs explode outside or a tribal call from the foliage appears to be getting closer. Like Delusion’s previous His Crimson Queen, The Blue Blade also features some exciting stunt work that is not to be missed…”


Horror Rewind: A collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Delusion, Horror Rewind was a free, pop-up Halloween event held to promote the latest collectible Blu-rays of some of Fox’s most popular horror films. A highly immersive, narrative-driven activation, Horror Rewind took guests to a sinister art installation created to pay homage to four classic horror movies, with guests soon finding themselves getting far more up close and personal with the films than they imagined.

From the Haunting review: Horror Rewind implemented a similar blend of tried and true scare techniques coupled with exciting immersive innovations from the team behind Delusion, one of Los Angeles’ preeminent and well-loved immersive theater companies. Using Jon Braver’s considerable skill, Fox was able to re-create these frightful and iconic films. Dedicated actors played out a cohesive narrative wherein you and your group are unwitting guests at a macabre art installation that is far beyond expectations. Inside, innocent victims have been transformed into grotesque embodiments of horror’s past; escape, or you’ll end up in their shoes. Beautiful sets, well-executed stunts, and the requisite scares made Horror Rewind a nostalgia trip that was a true highlight of the Halloween season…


june, 2023


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