Haunting 2023 Halloween Guide 2023 Halloween Reviews

Haunting’s 2023 Halloween Guide

Welcome to Haunting’s 2023 Halloween Guide . This yearly guide details the best experiences that celebrate the Autumn spirit, the spooky season, and the Halloween holiday! Below, you’ll find categories that will introduce you to local haunted houses, conventions, immersive horror experiences, yard displays,, and other horror experiences. We are adopting the same format as [...]
Ghost Figure - 2022 Halloween Guide

Haunting’s 2022 Halloween Guide

Welcome to Haunting's 2022 Halloween Guide. In our yearly guide, we introduce you to the best Halloween experiences, haunted houses, conventions, immersive horror experiences, yard displays, and more. If you love Halloween, horror, or immersive entertainment, then this is the perfect guide for you. This year, we are adjusting our format. We have organized all [...]
LA Yard Haunt Displays, Halloween Yard Displays Los Angeles Valley Haunting Drive By Community Home Haunt Socially Distanced Outdoor Rotting Hill Cemetery North Hollywood CA

Los Angeles & Beyond – Halloween Guide 2021

Halloween is here--and horror is back in the form of haunted houses, immersive horror experiences, and traditional theater. After last year's socially distanced Halloween, we can finally walk down narrow corridors smelling of fog and latex while actors jump out and narratives crawl under our skin. With a year off, so many companies have come [...]
Halloween Kills - JFI Productions - Immersive Horror - Universal Studios - Haddonfield Kills: The Hunt for Michael Myers

Haddonfield Kills: The Hunt for Michael Invited Us to Join a Mob This Halloween

Below is our review of Haddonfield Kills: The Hunt for Michael, an immersive activation produced by JFI Productions on the Universal Studios backlot. While the experience has now concluded, we have included minor spoilers below to showcase the experience as well as JFI's prowess. Further, all pictures below were taken by Jeremey Connors--please check out [...]
Haunting Halloween Guide 2020. spiderweb

Los Angeles Halloween Guide 2020

Halloween is part of Los Angeles culture. In 2019, there were over one hundred home haunts, over twenty large-scale and professional haunts, and countless immersive horror experiences available for audiences and participants alike to be scared and partake in the season. Unfortunately, with the Covid-19 recommendations restrictions, many of our favorite haunts have gone dark [...]
JFI Productions | Just Fix It Productions | Inside

JFI’s Inside Brings Nine Beautifully Haunting Stories to Life

Happy Halloween. Below is a review and partial recollection of JFI Production's Inside. Expect spoilers below. For those that did not get to experience the beauty that is JFI's Inside, please see the photo gallery at the end. Afterall, pictures are worth a 1000 words. Special thanks to Jeremey Connors, Taylor Winters and Alyssa Concha [...]
CreepLA Retrospective | JFI Productions

CreepLA Retrospective: A Look Back at Los Angeles’ Most Artistic Haunted House [VIDEO]

Before JFI Productions was even formed, CreepLA was a multi-sensory haunted house that included guests in the experience. With more time in each room, participants were able to interact with the various creeps within – and proved that people can be far scarier than any fictional monster. creepla retrospective   In 2016, CreepLA returned to […]

Night Fever | JFI Productions

Night Fever – JFI Productions Immerses Audiences in a 1977 Disco Party [VIDEO]

  Below is our review of JFI Productions’ Night Fever. If you have not yet attended, we recommend you do not read the Characters Section, which details characters and narrative threads. The other sections may discuss structure, details, but do not contain major spoilers. We also provide recommendations at the conclusion to help you make […]

HVRTING Serialized Death Extreme Haunt Los Angeles, CA

Extra TV Brings Exclusive HVRTING Footage and Teases the Best of Immersive Horror

Happy Halloween, Haunters! extra tv   We’ve got some really wonderful video for you today. Our Editor-In-Chief, Taylor Winters, was featured in this year’s extreme haunt piece for Extra TV. We at Haunting and sister scare company HVRTING are honored to be showcased in this piece along with such creators as Josh Randall and Kristjan […]

Haus of Creep | Creep LA | JFI Productions

JFI Production’s Haus of Creep is an Evocative & Story-Driven Exploration of Art

Below is our review of JFI Production’s Haus of Creep, the fifth year in the CreepLA Series (CreepLA, Entry, Lore, Awake). There are minor spoilers regarding the experience below, specifically in discussing the various art exhibits and characters you’ll meet. If you are attending Haus of Creep already, I urge you to go in blind, stop reading now, and bookmark […]

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