the wolseley insitute, betwixt, immersive theatre, los angeles

The Wolseley Institute – Betwixt

Date: September 1-16 (Fridays and Saturdays)

Location: Los Angeles

Price: $25.00

Description: A solo show where participants will join with the Thaddeus Wolseley Institute for Advancements in the Natural and Metaphysical Sciences to explore a strange new site that teems with otherworldly activity. 

Speakeasy Society

The Speakeasy Society – The Kansas Collection – The Invitation

Date: September 7, 8, 9, 14, and 15

Location: Los Angeles

Price: $20.00

Description: The fourth chapter in the Kansas Collection finds the Emerald City in a time of peace after the Scarecrow King captured Dorothy Gale. Is this just the calm before the storm though? We’ve got a refresher on the characters and choices from Chapters 1 & 2 and a recollection of Chapter 3 to get you caught up before you accept your invitation to Chapter 4.

The Society - The Boanthropic - Ongoing immersive Experience - ARX

The Society -L1-L7: GENESIS

Date: Sept 23rd and 24th- 6:15 am to 9 am

Location: East Los Angeles, CA

Price: $35

Description: Complete steps 1-7 in the Society. This is a very physical experience and involves hiking. This experience lasts one hour and you complete it alone.

The Society - The Boanthropic - Ongoing immersive Experience - ARX

The Society -L8-16: DIVULGENCE

Date: Sept 24th and 25th- 8 and 9 pm

Location: Downtown LA, CA

Price: $35

Description: After you complete steps 1-7 with The Society, you are invited to attend Divulgence, an opportunity to let yourself be further known. Note: You must complete steps 1-7 before attending this show.

See/Saw, Atlas Obscura, magic, immersive theatre, Los Angeles

Atlas Obscura – See/Saw: An Immersion into a Magician’s Mind

Date: September 14 – October 8 (Thursdays-Sundays)

Location: Los Angeles

Price: $74

Description: An immersive experience featuring close-up illusionist Siegfried Tieber who will take audiences on a journey to discover why playing cards are one of the most versatile tools in a magician’s arsenal and how they exemplify “the poetry of magic”.

Firelight Collective - Nathan Keyes Stephanie Feury Studio Theater - Stars in the Night

Firelight Collective – Stars in the Night

Date: September 20-29 (Wednesdays-Fridays)

Location: Los Angeles

Price: $60

Description: Firelight Collective awed us with Firelight and Fire & Light. Stars in the Night aims to provide an intimate evening of food and drink in the Hollywood Hills. Read our full press release here.

To Live and Dine in LA - Dinner Theater - Drunken Devil - Serial Killers - Los Angeles True Crime History

Drunken Devil – To Live and Di(n)e in LA 

Date: September 21

Location: Los Angeles

Price: $165

Description: To Live and Dine in LA is an intimate, 45-person supper club, where guests will sit down for dinner with the ghosts of the most infamous figures in Los Angeles’ true crime history, as they navigate the city’s sordid past through cuisine, cocktails, and cabaret-type performances. Read our full press release here.

Drunken Devil - Burlesque brunch - Deviled Eggs - Immersive

Drunken Devil – Deviled Eggs: A Burlesque Brunch

Date: September 24

Location: D’Vine Lounge

Price: $45 (general admission) / + $15 for Bottomless Mimosas

Description: Enjoy a fully realized, theatrical experience as you step back in time to the Roarin’ Twenties. Taking place at D’Vine Lounge, a hidden wine cellar underneath the O Hotel, you’ll find yourself immersed in an underground speakeasy during the Jazz Age as you’re thrust into a world of bathtub gin, flapper girls, and the rebellious spirit prominent during Prohibition. Deviled Eggs: A Burlesque Brunch includes a full brunch meal, as well as performances from some of Los Angeles’ top burlesque talent! Bottomless mimosas, as well as a full bar with wine, beer, and specialty cocktails, will also be available during the event. Read our press release here.

Grief Project - Meredith Treinen - Immersive Theater Entertainment


Date: September 28 – October 14 (Thursdays-Saturdays)

Location: Los Angeles

Price: $20

Description: grief aims to explore all of the emotions associated with loss, from sadness to joy and everything in between. Audiences will follow three sisters who are trying understand their own lives after the death of their brother in a performance utilizing “narrative, movement, and storytelling.”




Date: October 5th-8th

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Price: $50-$70

Description: Six guests are led by six guides through a number of one-on-one live ASMR treatments designed to relax the body and mind, expand awareness, and heighten the senses.

Wicked Lit

Unbound Productions – Wicked Lit

Date: September 28 – November 11 (Thursdays – Sundays except November 12)

Location: Pasadena

Price: $55-75

Description: Step into three different classic horror stories including Thoth’s LabyrinthThe Damned Thing, and The Open Door while Liliom acts as the frame for this year’s Wicked Lit.

Abide Los Angeles Sensory

Screenshot Productions – Abide

Date: Oct. 28th and Oct. 29th

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Price: $15

Description: Enter a world where sound is used to show you a whole new story. Screenshot productions will be in LA for 2 days to present this new and sound producing story. Guests will be lying down through the experience and while it is auditory accommodations can be made.

Kaiden Rouge Artist Ensemble Theater Immersive

Rogue Artists Ensemble – Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin

Date: October 5-7 and October 12 (previews) / October 13 – November 4 (Thursdays-Sundays)

Location: Los Angeles area

Price: $50 (previews) / $125 (opening night) / $65-$75 (October 14 – November 4)

Description: A site specific immersive experience in a 10,00 square foot warehouse that seeks to examine Japanese ghost stories. The modern, multi-cultural take on the stories will incorporate “masked and unmasked actors, interactive sets, multiple puppetry traditions, and sophisticated special effects.”

Have You Seen Jake Yesterday Today And Tomorrow Nocturnal Fandango Haunting The Organizers Haunting.net Immersive theater emotional haunt

Nocturnal FandangoThe sudden loneliness gift. – Fire and water.

Date: October 6-8

Location: Los Angeles area

Price: TBA

Description: The second fully realized experience in The sudden loneliness gift. is entitled “Fire and water.” This shares a name with the second fully-realized event from Have You Seen Jake and appears to be intentional. While the slack and membership has sold out, there is a small potential that tickets will be open to the public after tickets have been offered to the three tiers.

Zombie Joe's Underground

Zombie Joe’s Underground – Urban Death

Date: October 6th-31st.

Location: North Hollywood, CA

Price: $15

Description: Zombie Joe’s celebrates 25 years with Urban Death- Tour of Terror.  A new haunted theater attraction.Walk through a maze of inexplicable horrors, unfathomable monstrosities, and the disturbed spirits that walk among them.

Force of Nature Productions - Theater company

Force of Nature Productions – Fallen Saints: Dia de los Muertos

Date: October 13-28 (Fridays and Saturdays)

Location: Los Angeles area

Price: $15

Description: A journey into old Mexico and one of the country’s most cherished holidays where audiences will uncover the secrets of a small village and the evil spirit who resides there.

Sinister Pointe – Hex

Date: October 27-28 (8pm – 2am)

Location: Santa Ana, CA

Price: $50

Description: On October 27 and 28, you’re invited to raise a glass to the occult and join the coven as Orange County’s eSports Arena will be transformed into ‘HEX’, the most twisted, sinister, Halloween gala outside of Salem. This unique costume party will feature heart-pounding live entertainment, interactive mischief, and devilish delights all wrapped into a wiccan décor which will leave you with nightmarish visions.

The Lust Experience Haunting Haunting.net forums

The Lust Experience – Mid Season Event

Date: October

Location: Los Angeles area

Price: TBA

Description: TBA

creepla haunting entry haunting.net immersive theater haunted house

CreepLA: Lore

Date: October 5th – November 12th Select Dates

Location: Magic Box LA (1933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA, 90007; with entrance to Creep LA: Lore located at 986 Hill St, Los Angeles, CA, 90007)

Price: $65

Description: Thrill seekers are invited to step into an altered world where folklore comes to life. Whereas fear is best kept buried, Creep LA embraces the folklore to unveil the frightening truth: the scariest stories are often rooted in truth. In this space, stories aren’t just tales around a campfire, but an experience that will creep inside and leave you haunted.

The upcoming Amazon Prime Exclusive’s new series Lore is a six-episode anthology series (streaming globally on Amazon Prime on October 13th) that presents the frightening and often disturbing tales based on real people and events that have led to our modern-day myths and legends. Celebrating the origins of the horror genre, Lore explores the real-life tales behind pop culture’s most legendary horror myths, such as vampires, changelings, werewolves, séances and possessed dolls. Creep LA will bring real-life historical events that birthed many folk tales which ultimately spawned some of our darkest nightmares to life pulling inspiration and using elements from the show.

Hollywood Fringe Festival Immersive Theater Shine On Collective Sweet Dreams

Shine On Collective – Sweet Dreams: Part 3

Dates: October – November

Location: Los Angeles area

Price: TBA

Description: Once upon a time there lived a young woman who dreamed of prince charming and true love’s kiss. But venture too far into dreams and you might end up missing. Sweet Dreams: The Prologue is the first chapter in a series of immersive productions about a missing girl and the haze beyond reality. Will you end up too far in dreamworld yourself?

Read our review of The Prologue here.


Heretic Horror Simulation & Brutality Haunted House - Switzerland - Verboden

HERETIC / Brutality CollaborationVERBØTEN

Date: October 6-7

Location: Basel, Switzerland, Central Europe

Price: Unknown

Description: Dark, evil, demonic: John Carvino’s team from Basel (Brutality Haunted House) in Switzerland and the undefeated master of horror simulation, Adrian Marcato, and his amazing team from Los Angeles, USA (Heretic Horror House) meet for two nights in the old world: VERBØTEN. 

All Saints Lunatic Asylum

Date: October 6th-31, All Fridays and Saturdays

Location: Apple Valley, CA

Price: $10

Description: Enter an asylum where patients weren’t let go and doctors had no where else to go. Enter their obscure world and see where it takes you.

Heretic The End Haunting Haunting.net


Date: October 19-20

Location: San Francisco

Price: $45 (20 minutes)/ $60 (30 minutes)/ $90 (45 minutes);  $120 (60 minutes)

Description: Guests enter alone. From Heretic Horror House comes the next iteration of their extreme haunt, DVIL. This one promises to be welcoming to newcomers and veterans alike.

Savage House

Savage House –Unhinged

Date: Sept 28th – oct 31st

Location: San Diego, CA

Price: $18 with a front of the line pass for  $5 more

Description: Savage House will have you immersed in a storyline fit for horror film, from beginning to end.

Mable’s 6 Feet Under Haunted Hotel 

Date: Oct 6th- Nov. 4th

Location: Anaheim, CA

Price: $15-$150

Description: Mable’s Haunted Hotel reopens with a variety of tickets with the top tier allowing you to be a walk on actor.  Check in, get lost and welcome to the hotel.

the 17th door

The 17th Door

Date: Sept 22nd – Oct.  31st

Location: Fullerton, CA

Price: Varies. $22-$35. Regular and VIP available.

Description:  The 17th Door returns to Fullerton with all new theme rooms and scares. This year they present Locked Up, a whole new experience.

Coffin Creek Haunted House

Date: Oct 6-7 ,13-14-15, 20-21-22, 27-28-29, and 31

Location: Corona, CA

Price: Single Ticket: $15; 5 attraction combo: $35; five attraction + fast pass $50

Description:  Coffin Creek presents 1 trail and 2 haunts to completely scare you. It is up to you to find what is haunting in the woods.

Heritage Scare Competition Los Angeles

The Heritage Scare

Date: Saturday October 7th & Saturday October 14th from 7–11 PM

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Price: $49

Description: An evening of competitive murder. Join your friends in the first competition  based haunted house. Games are for 4-10 people.

Freakling Bros Trilogy of Terror

Freakling Brothers – Trilogy Of Terror

Date: Sept 29th – Oct.  31st

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price: All shows $39, Fast Pass $54

Description:  Enter “Gates Of Hell”, “The Coven Of 13”, and “Castle Vampyre.”  Located in Las Vegas, Freakling Brothers delivers some of the largest haunts in the area.

Drunken Devil Sinner's Social Club Parties Hell Immersive Cocktails Dinner Appetizers Matt Dorado

Drunken Devil – Halloween Party

Date: October 21

Location: TBA

Price: TBA (Membership: $250.00 paid in two installments. The first payment of $100.00 is due upon signup, and the remaining $150.00 is due on or before July 1)

Description: Details to follow. For information on all the exclusive perks and benefits of the membership, check out our interview here.

Victim Experience

Freakling Brothers – Victim Experience IV – The Sepsis Doctrine

Date: Oct 13-16, 20-22

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price: $295 plus fees

Description:  Victim Experience returns this year with an all new solo show made to test your limits and push you physically and mentally.

Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights

Date: September 15 – November 4

Location: Los Angeles area

Price: $65-95 (general admission) / $169-219 (front of line pass) / $269-319 (R.I.P. Tour)

Description: The yearly Halloween takeover of Universal Studios is back this year with mazes based on some of the biggest properties in horror including, The ShiningSawInsidious, and Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface together in one maze. Featuring top-notch production values and popular television shows and movies, HHN will give everyone a taste of Halloween from mid-September all the way into November.

Six Flags fright fest

Fright Fest

Date: September 16 – October 31

Location: Valencia area

Price: TBA

Description: Fright Fest has returned to Six Flags Magic Mountain. On select evenings in September and October, all manner of frightening creatures will descend on the park to terrify guests in scare zones, including one based on villains from DC comics. For an additional fee, guests can enter into seven different mazes.

Knott's Scary Farm

Knott’s Scary Farm

Date: September 21 – October 31

Location: Orange County area

Price: $40-50 (general admission) / $115-139 (admission and fright and fast lane)

Description: Celebrating its 45th year, Knott’s Scary Farm features nine original mazes and a variety of scare zones. The enduring favorite also allows guests access to all of the thrill rides available in the park. The Mistress of the Dark herself is also back this year to give everyone some spooky fun in Elvira’s Last Show.

Queen Mary Dark Harbor

Dark Harbor

Date: September 28 – November 1

Location: Long Beach area

Price: $24-39 (general admission) / $64-79 (Fast Fright) / $229 (Ultimate SCREAM Experience)

Description: Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary will feature more mazes than ever this, including a brand new experience (and fourth maze on the actual ship) centered on a cannibalistic chef. With roaming monsters, shows, costume contests, and games, one of Southern California’s most popular attractions is ready to serve you.

LA Haunted Hayride

Haunted Hayride

Date: September 29 – October 31

Location: Los Angeles area

Price: $44 (general admission) / $60 (VIP admission)

Description: This year, the titular hayride, will roll through Griffith Park’s Old Zoo as guests are set upon by psychopathic clowns. The event also boasts a large haunted house attraction, immersive trick-or-treating in Hell, and a nostalgic haunted village to serve as the hub.

Into The Black

Date: October 6-22 (Fridays-Sundays) and October 27-October 31

Location: Pomona Fairplex; 1101 W McKinley Ave, Pomona, CA 91768

Price: $29 (haunt)/$13 (VR experience)

Description: Into the Black is a brand-new haunt experience for 2017 created by Bone Yard Effects, Inc. that will take visitors on a harrowing journey this Halloween season at the Pomona Fairplex in Southern California. This is a four part experience. First guests will be introduced to the story of The Black House via a short film that follows a group of paranormal investigators as they attempt to locate the house. Next, the actual haunted attraction will run fourteen days during the Halloween season where you are invited to follow in the footsteps of the previous investigators. The third part is a virtual reality journey back into the 1800’s to witness the origins to The Black House. And the fourth part is a behind-the-scenes documentary covering the making of the entire experience.

Reign Of Terror

Reign of Terror

Date: Open 13 nights with dates ranging from Sept 30th to Oct 31st

Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

Price: Varies with Express pass available

Description: Reign of Terror Haunted House features 8 interconnected fear-inducing attractions, 100 separate rooms to walk through and dozens of frightful characters (alive and dead!) waiting to give you a thrill…all indoors under one roof.

Long Beach Zombie Fest

Long Beach Zombie Fest

Date: October 20-22

Location: Rainbow Lagoon, Long Beach

Price: $13 (One day pass)/ $18 (Two day pass)/ $20 (Three day pass). Add $2 at the door.

Description: Join hordes of rotting revelers for Long Beach’s annual zombie outbreak, a three day invasion of undead music and horror for all ages! This apocalyptic festival is a jam-packed day of live entertainment, showcasing a dance area with bumpin’ jams you’re going want to dance to for the ultimate frightful Halloween dance party.

  • The Last of Man 3500 sq. ft. haunted maze with an interactive quarantine scare zone – zombie outbreak cage and 12ft. guard tower.
  • Zombification Zone – Free zombie make-up by Hollywood special effects make-up artists from Cinema Makeup School – Free to all attendees.
  • The Infamous Zombie Walk (all three days) Friday and Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 5:30pm
  • Live 100+ interactive reptile exhibit with a Fear Factor Attraction by S.C.H.A.R.
  • And much much more!


Have You Seen Jake Yesterday Today And Tomorrow Nocturnal Fandango Haunting The Organizers Haunting.net Immersive theater emotional haunt

Nocturnal FandangoThe sudden loneliness gift. – Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Date: November 10-11, 11-12, and 12-13

Location: Joshua Tree area

Price: TBA

Description: The third fully realized experience in The sudden loneliness gift. is entitled “Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” This shares a name with the third fully-realized event from Have You Seen Jake and appears to be intentional. While the Slack and membership has sold out, there is a small potential that tickets will be open to the public after tickets have been offered to the three tiers.

Safehouse '77 immersive theater los angeles house party spy brunch

Spy Brunch – Safehouse ’77

Date: November 2nd-12th

Location: Los Feliz, CA

Price: $95

Description: 10 participants join 6 cast members in an intimate house party dating back to 1977. This is a fully immersive experience and is not scary at all.


Drunken Devil Sinner's Social Club Parties Hell Immersive Cocktails Dinner Appetizers Matt Dorado

Drunken Devil – Member’s Only Three-Course Immersive Dinner

Date: December 9

Location: TBA

Price: TBA (Membership: $250.00 paid in two installments. The first payment of $100.00 is due upon signup, and the remaining $150.00 is due on or before July 1)

Description: Details to follow. For information on all the exclusive perks and benefits of the membership, check out our interview here.


The Lust Experience Haunting Haunting.net forums

The Lust Experience

Location: Online forum & Slack with in-person events for active participants. A mid season event is planned for October and then a finale event in the future.

Price: Participation in the ARX is free.

Description: The Lust Experience is the follow-up to the ground-breaking The Tension Experience. Sign up for the forums to speculate and conjecture with other participants. Instead of The OOA Institute, this time it appears that Noah Sinclair and his “The System” can make your dreams of power, love, and money come true. If you don’t lust after power, iConfidant afforded you the opportunity to follow your heart and gain an every lasting friendship. Ultimately, a meta narrative places The Investors, The Creators, and The Experiences themselves against each other as participants perceptions are constantly twisted and turned so that nothing ever is as it appears. Note: this experience is fantastic for those out of state (or out of country).

Read our recap of The Prologue.

The Society - The Boanthropic - Interview with Thaddeus Shafer - Hollywood Fringe Festival

The Society / The Boanthropic

Location: Los Angeles for events and nationwide puzzles

Price: Paid events and free pop-ups

Description: When cult members lose what makes them whole, when at last their will, spirit, and memory are forced from their physical form, their spirits recede into another realm. They swarm in a mass like a herd, lost in the dark. Occasionally, between long droughts of silence, they gather and make themselves known. Sometimes they can be coaxed into our realm, and gather into a force. What that force can do and how it can be gathered are subjects of debate, for those who believe.

Though The Boanthropic has long considered a fairy tale or an urban legend, there have always remained believers, including The Wayfarer, the hermit programmer who gave up his lonely search in 1983, and Beverly, a deaf/mute 60-year-old woman living in Montauk, who has heard the voice of The Boanthropic since she was four. However, Beverly has never experienced what is happening now. The Boanthropic seems to be building an army against one particular group: The Society. The Boanthropic’s mission, it seems, is to rescue a woman named Mary, who is trapped within The Society, on the mountain in which they dwell. Mary is pregnant, and it is suspected that The Society’s leader, “The Founder”, is the father of this child. “Save the Moon Child,” The Boanthropic pleads to those who find the cryptic messages it has left all over the country.

The resistance must help Mary escape from the mountain by infiltrating The Society, and following the path unknown. But what will keep them from becoming Boanthropic themselves?

Check out our interview with The Society here and our first recollection of our trip up the mountain here.

White Helix whitehelix technology integrity blackmail

White Helix

Location: TBD

Price: Participation in ARX is free. Free pop-up events in Los Angeles and New York.

Description: White Helix is an ARX/ongoing immersive experience that first appeared online (in the form of an Instagram account under the name _whitehelix) in early 2017. It is tonally influenced by suspense/horror and is themed heavily around information, technology, and exploitation of sensitive data. Social media, cellphones, and computers feature prominently in the story, which appears to have a narrative centered around a software program that is used for gathering sensitive information for blackmail purposes.

As of now, White Helix is still largely shrouded in mystery, but it has developed a small, devoted cult following with whom it actively and consistently engages. Of the ongoing immersions and ARXs out there right now, it is perhaps one of the most exclusive, confounding, and promising. And with its first post having been made only a few months ago at the time of this writing, it seems it’s only just begun.

infinitely Dinner Society blends Immersive Theater, Art, and Food Together

Infinitely Dinner Theater

Location: Los Angeles area

Price: Midnight Snacks for between $10-$20. Full events have not been announced.

Description: Infinitely Dinner Society describe themselves as “unique dinner parties and performance art at a private residence in Hollywood.” Their social media accounts also support this idea–and also hint at a date in Summer of 2017. While they are not ready to discuss specifics, we were able to learn that they are “headed by immersive vet(s) who are looking to do something new/different without the pressure or expectations of our other projects.” They have hosted numerous Midnight Snack concepts (Read about one here). This definitely sounds like a novel and interesting concept–and one we are very excited about.

Have You Seen Jake Yesterday Today And Tomorrow Nocturnal Fandango Haunting The Organizers Haunting.net Immersive theater emotional haunt

Nocturnal Fandango – The Sudden Loneliness Gift

Location: Los Angeles / Orange County

Price: Unknown

Description: Nocturnal Fandango is the company behind the emotional journey that was Have You Seen Jake. They are back again with The Sudden Loneliness Gift. While the membership for the different levels of participation are closed, there may be opportunities for ticketed events to be available to the public in the future. Follow their Instagram to learn more.

Obscura Horror - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Extreme Haunt

Obscura Horror

Location: Online ARX / Tulsa, Oklahoma

Price: Unknown

Description: Don’t let the Tulsa, Oklahoma location scare you, Obscura Horror has been one of the most thought-provoking, intelligent, and scary experience to-date. Relying on no fiction, they provide real newspaper stories of cult, execution, and ritualistic killings occurring in the Oklahoma area. They do their research on each participant, providing a truly personalized and engaging narrative unique to each participant. Finally, they provide puzzles that are both challenging and fun–focusing on not the puzzle itself, but the feeling of satisfaction for completing it.

santu deliria los angeles zombie joes underground immersive theater full contact horror haunt extreme haunt inductio

Santu Deliria – KVLT

Location: Phone Calls, Texts, and Emails — All from the Comfort of your Own Home. Possible events later.

Price: $10

Description: Santu Deliria premiered with their first show in june, 2017. Now they present KVLT. You’ve been inducted into the cult and you don’t know when or where they will contact you. Currently members are receiving texts, phone calls and a couple in-person drop offs. Live youtube streams of action occurring with members is also happening often. There will be a remount of the Inducto show in October for those who have not been inducted yet.

Blackout 21 twenty-one Haunting Extreme Haunt Haunting.net

Blackout – Twenty-One

Location: Phone Calls, Texts, and Emails — All from the Comfort of your Own Home.

Price: $1.99

Description: Blackout Twenty-One is an On-Going Immersive Experience that allows you to experience true paranoia from the comfort of your own home. There are currently four chapters in the story, which will play upon your fears as the experience can call, text, or email you at any time.

Read our review of Chapter One here.

Note: They are currently on Hiatus but will be back soon! 

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