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Immersive Theater: An experience where the traditional focus of theater – narrative, character and theme – are revealed through direct sensory input and a design that surrounds the audience.

Immersive theater is a specific style of event that transforms theater into something tangible. It erodes the barrier between audience and actor while maintaining the same goals of traditional theater. It is evocative, transportive, and essentially, an adult playground.



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There are numerous sub-genres of immersive theater, depending on its style and structure. This ranges from fully interactive with agency to impacting the narrative to non-participatory experiences set in an old mansion. They can be linear, multi-track, or sandbox (wander anywhere, follow anyone). But despite all these various formats, immersive theater is theater, and thus generally falls in intensity ranges between 0 and 3. When they move beyond that, they begin to fall in the immersive horror realm.

Haunting Company Directory - Immersive Theater Extreme Haunts Haunted Houses Entertainment Horror
The 49 Boxes - Magic - Thayer - Michael Borys - Alex Lieu - Immersive Escape Room with Magic
ABC Project Annie Lesser Immersive Theater Covell Barbershop Apartment 8 Distillery Elevator
The Art Department, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, CA
The Society - The Boanthropic - Ongoing immersive Experience - ARX
Capital W - Immersive Theater
Ceaseless Fun, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, CA
Coact Productions - Immersive Theater - Stylized
Drycraeft LA Drycraft LA, Logo, Full Size Image
Epic Immersive - San Francisco - Large Scale Immersive Experiences - Steve Boyle
Firelight Collective, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, CA
The Great Company, GreatCo, Great Co, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, CA
Infinitely Dinner Society - IDS - Annie Lesser
Metaforyou, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, CA
Optika Moderna - Immersive Theater San Diego Waking La Llorona
Punchdrunk, Immersive Theater, UK, China, New York,
Rogue Artists Ensemble - Immersive Theater - Mixed Media - Culturally Inclusive - Los Angeles - Kaidan Project
Scout Expedition Co, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, CA
Screenshot Productions ,Nick Sherwin, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco
The Speakeasy Society, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, CA
Spy Brunch - CoAct - Safehouse
Stash House
The Guest and The Host - The Guest & The Host - Make Music - Immersive Music Sound
Third Rail Projects - Then She Fell - Ghost Light - Immersive Theater
Walk the Night, Full Image, Logo
Whisperlodge ASMR - Video - ASMR - Melinda Lauw - Immersive Experience

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Haunting Intensity Rating Scale - Immersive Theater Extreme Haunts Haunted Houses Entertainment Horror

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