Nightmare by The Fear Experiment – I Can Do This In My Sleep – A Recollection

This is part of Haunting’s Recollection series – it is a complete account of Nightmare by The Fear Experiment. It contains full spoilers and is intended for readers who have attended or could not attend the show, or are curious about this creator’s work.     “Are you familiar with the concept of lucid dreaming, […]

Extra TV Brings Exclusive HVRTING Footage and Teases the Best of Immersive Horror

Happy Halloween, Haunters! extra tv   We’ve got some really wonderful video for you today. Our Editor-In-Chief, Taylor Winters, was featured in this year’s extreme haunt piece for Extra TV. We at Haunting and sister scare company HVRTING are honored to be showcased in this piece along with such creators as Josh Randall and Kristjan […]

An Exclusive Interview with Robbie Luther – The Creative Mind Behind The 17th Door

The 17th Door is the most successful extreme haunt of all time. I can say that as a fact. Over a thousand guests enter their doors in a single night, and their team consistently provides audiences the same experience every time - with scares landing effectively, efficiently, and safely. This is largely due to co-owner [...]

Miasma’s Desecration of the Seven Witches Brings Witches into the Modern Era

Below is a review of Miasma’s The Desecration of the Seven Witches. While it only contains minor spoilers, this experience is not expected to be remounted, so read on without worry.     “Be quiet and don’t fucking move.”   These words were the last thing I was told before I was left alone in […]

A History of Blackout – 2009-2019 – A Video Interview with Josh Randall

Celebrating its ten-year anniversary, Blackout is responsible for the genesis of the immersive horror genre. Yet, the mystery and obfuscation surrounding the theater company has prevented a clear description of each experience, as well as a timeline of their events in one location. Today, for the first time ever, Haunting further pulls back the curtain, [...]

Bl4KM4SS Founders Reveal Their Creative Team

On January 1, 2019, four immersive creators invited people to immerse themselves in a world created to offer a glimpse into an alternate dimension of drama, horror, and noir. These creators intended to challenge, move, disturb, disrupt, connect, and change guests’ way of being. They are the Bl4km4ss Founders.    BL4KM4SS was founded by a […]

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