Haunting 2023 Halloween Guide 2023 Halloween Reviews

Haunting’s 2023 Halloween Reviews

As the spirits return to their graves and the glowing smile on the Jack O Lantern dims, our Halloween Haunt Guide comes to a close with fewer and fewer events. But we don't want to keep up an empty guide throughout the year--rather, we want to showcase the wonderful haunted houses, conventions, immersive horror experiences, [...]
La Casa De Satanas 2023 - Ur F*@cking Hysterical - Extreme Haunt - Chicago CA

La Casa de Satanas 2023 – Ur F*@cking Hysterical Recollection

La Casa de Satanas 2023 - Ur F*@cking Hysterical Oh boy where do we begin with this show?  La Casa de Satanas 2023 show Ur F*cking Hysterical is different, scary, disturbing, funny, and all around just good ol’ fashioned fun.  I participated on one of the extra extreme nights.  Here we are in Chicago.  Parking [...]
The Fear Experiment - Bedtime Stories 2023 - Extreme Haunt - Immersive Horror

The Fear Experiment’s Bedtime Stories 2023 – What Did I Just See?

This is a recollection of The Fear Experiment's Bedtime Stories 2023 based on one experience by one person, one guest out of four, attending one show on one night, writing from an imperfect memory. The broad strokes are good, but incorrect ordering of details reflects that lack of perfect recall. Tickets to The Fear Experiment's [...]
Haunting 2023 Halloween Guide 2023 Halloween Reviews

Haunting’s 2023 Halloween Guide

Welcome to Haunting’s 2023 Halloween Guide . This yearly guide details the best experiences that celebrate the Autumn spirit, the spooky season, and the Halloween holiday! Below, you’ll find categories that will introduce you to local haunted houses, conventions, immersive horror experiences, yard displays,, and other horror experiences. We are adopting the same format as [...]
STAG Eternal 2023 Immersive Horror Extreme Haunt Michigan

STAG Eternal 2023 – A Recollection from Sam Giacinto

Weeks of anticipation led up to the defining moment that cannot be described, it needs to be experienced. I am about to attend STAG Eternal. February 10, 2023: The day that changes everything. I make the seven-hour drive from Green Bay Wisconsin to Bay City Michigan to experience STAG Eternal. I have my instructions that [...]
The 17th Door - Spook Show 17 - Reality Show - Header

Spook Show 17 is the The 17th Door’s Antithesis to the Reality Show

Spook Show 17 is the antithesis to the reality show. It is boastful, it is smart, and it pushes boundaries—perfectly mirroring the larger-than-life personality of co-owner Robbie Luther and the immersive haunted house the reality show focuses on: The 17th Door. While this likely won’t appeal to reality show fans wanting drama, beach bods, and [...]
Ghost Figure - 2022 Halloween Guide

Haunting’s 2022 Halloween Guide

Welcome to Haunting's 2022 Halloween Guide. In our yearly guide, we introduce you to the best Halloween experiences, haunted houses, conventions, immersive horror experiences, yard displays, and more. If you love Halloween, horror, or immersive entertainment, then this is the perfect guide for you. This year, we are adjusting our format. We have organized all [...]
LA Yard Haunt Displays, Halloween Yard Displays Los Angeles Valley Haunting Drive By Community Home Haunt Socially Distanced Outdoor Rotting Hill Cemetery North Hollywood CA

Los Angeles & Beyond – Halloween Guide 2021

Halloween is here--and horror is back in the form of haunted houses, immersive horror experiences, and traditional theater. After last year's socially distanced Halloween, we can finally walk down narrow corridors smelling of fog and latex while actors jump out and narratives crawl under our skin. With a year off, so many companies have come [...]
MurderCo: Pure Evil Black Market Escape Room - MurderCo - Pure Evil - Escape Room - Extreme Haunt - Upland - CA

MurderCo: Pure Evil Infuses Extreme Horror into an Escape Room Setting

The best escape rooms immerse audiences in their worlds. Thus, the intersection of immersive horror and escape games was a logical extension of the genres, and a very successful one at that. From The Basement to Crossroads Escape Games’ The Hex Room, these rooms are always rated as top-tier games, even when put against non-horror [...]

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