LA Yard Haunt Displays, Halloween Yard Displays Los Angeles Valley Haunting Drive By Community Home Haunt Socially Distanced Outdoor Rotting Hill Cemetery North Hollywood CA

Los Angeles & Beyond – Halloween Guide 2021

Halloween is here--and horror is back in the form of haunted houses, immersive horror experiences, and traditional theater. After last year's socially distanced Halloween, we can finally walk down narrow corridors smelling of fog and latex while actors jump out and narratives crawl under our skin. With a year off, so many companies have come [...]
MurderCo: Pure Evil Black Market Escape Room - MurderCo - Pure Evil - Escape Room - Extreme Haunt - Upland - CA

MurderCo: Pure Evil Infuses Extreme Horror into an Escape Room Setting

The best escape rooms immerse audiences in their worlds. Thus, the intersection of immersive horror and escape games was a logical extension of the genres, and a very successful one at that. From The Basement to Crossroads Escape Games’ The Hex Room, these rooms are always rated as top-tier games, even when put against non-horror [...]
Scarehouse 2020 Pittsburgh Mills | Haunted House

Scarehouse 2020 Returns to Horror Excellence in New Home Pittsburgh Mills

Ten years after his genre-defining film Night of the Living Dead, George A. Romero returned to Pittsburgh to film Dawn of the Dead, a biting commentary of a consumerist society told through the lens of a zombie film. The majority of the content was filmed at nearby Monroeville Mall, where a band of survivors are outlasting a horde […]

Pandora Network: Nightlight Circus | Electric Goldfish

The Pandora Network: Nightlight Circus – Electric Goldfish Ups the Ante from Burying the Hatchet

The Nightlight Circus arrives in the quaint town of Pondermere. Only open after dark – when it’s “magic time” – this mysterious circus boasts astounding acrobats and dancers, a terrifying mirror maze, and other oddities such as the dragon carousel and the stern but talented fortune teller, Madame Magiya. The circus forbids unaccompanied children, however […]

Heretic's Exoskeleton

A New Definition: Extreme Immersive Horror Is a Term You Need to Know

Haunting was designed to help set expectations. Part of setting those expectations is ascribing qualities and labels to immersive and haunt experiences. If it’s full-contact, audiences should expect to be touched; if it’s interactive, audiences should expect to interact. Seems simple enough, right? Well, I’d say so, except more recently, anything with even a hint [...]
Nightgaunt | Call from Restricted | Shock Theater | Haunted Hills Estates Screampark

Call From Restricted & We’ve Been Trying to Reach You Combine Into One Epic ARG

Special thanks to Madeline Nelson for her contributions to this article. Below is a review for Shock Theater and Haunted Hills Estates Screampark’s combined experience: We’ve Been Trying to Reach You / Call from Restricted.   I double-check my assignment and dial the first phone number given to me. My heart races in anticipation of […]

Miasma Extreme Haunt Lessons

Twelve Extreme Haunt Lessons Essential for All Creators

BLACKOUT pioneered the full-contact immersive horror genre in 2009 and further refined it over the next decade. Heretic remixed the theatrical haunted house idea in 2012 and added aggressive brutality that would become synonymous with the extreme haunt name. These two horror experiences served as forefathers for the genre and inspired a very small, but […]

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