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Epic Immersive designs large-scale live immersive theatre and virtual/augmented reality experiences. They are the creators of worlds.

  • San Francisco Area
  • Solo and Group experiences
  • Design Summits; Education focused
  • Immersive; exploration and choice focused.
  • Non-horror

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More on Epic Immersive

Epic Immersive designs large-scale immersive theatrical and mixed reality experiences where story, spectacle, and interaction deliver transcendent, awe-inspiring journeys.

Epic’s live experiences have featured over a hundred actors across a fourteen-acre fictional city, journeys through secret underground wonderlands accessed via slide, quests across breathtaking vistas of the San Francisco Bay, a recreated internment camp swing dance event developed in collaboration with actual musicians from the Japanese-American internment camps, and commissions by Google and Apple. Epic’s current production, The Infernal Motel, sold out its entire summer and fall runs in a matter of hours.

Epic’s work is fueled by multidisciplinary and multicultural collaborations and has featured immersive theatre integrated with hip-hop artists, taiko drummers, circus performers, ballet folklorico dancers, Chinese fortune tellers, classical Indian musicians, room-scale virtual reality, and interactive 360 films.


In 2019, Epic Immersive launched a new immersive club and incubator, with new exclusive experiences every week, featuring a mix of internationally-renowned and local artists. Every one of them is a woman, a queer artist, or an artist of color. Members pay $25/month to get exclusive access to new immersive experiences weekly. This in turn allows Epic to play host to an onslaught of artists of color, women, nonbinary creators, and directors from other underrepresented backgrounds — creating a new incubator of weeklong residencies aimed at changing the face of the immersive industry.

The Infernal Motel (2017):

If you could see the afterlife, could you ever let it go? From Epic Immersive and The Rathskeller Club comes a new plunge into the Underworld. Behind a secret door in San Francisco is an entrance to an underground wonderland. Six guests at a time follow an invitation from a mysterious host into an adventure in the underworld where they both honored guests and explorers traversing a world of memory.

The Immersive Design Summit:

A movement is sweeping across the entertainment and advertising industries: a generational shift away from conventional media. One word is uttered by every creator and marketer looking to make a big impact: immersive. This is far more than the latest fad. Immersive is a discipline: an approach to creating work that connects with audiences at a visceral level. A transformative approach to storytelling and design that puts experience front and center.

January 2018, the most innovative creators and thinkers in the emerging experiential and immersive fields came together in San Francisco for the first Immersive Design Summit. Producers of both physical and digital immersive projects of every scale were be in attendance to talk about the state of the immersive art, and the future of this rapidly growing industry. From the vanguard of immersive theatre to the torchbearers of virtual reality: every aspect of immersive design was represented.

Wonderland (Ongoing):

Alice had her turn. Now it’s yours.

Through Alice’s fireplace is the entrance to a secret world of magic, wonder, and danger — full of new friends and strange enemies. Three guests at a time plunge down the rabbit hole for the trip of a lifetime.

Carnival of Memories: A Wonderland Story (2018):

In this brand-new immersive adventure, you’ll get swept up in a Wonderland-wide festival, full of games, shows, and a hunt for the Jabberwocky. Prepare to step into Wonderland’s past, and unearth the mystery of Alice’s lineage… Along the way, you’ll enter the Caterpillar’s hookah den, play croquet with the Tweedles, get to know the Red and White Queens, join a troupe of actors, and burrow through rabbit holes within rabbit holes until you get a taste of Wonderland back in the day!

Between Two Worlds: A Wonderland Story (2018):

Between Two Worlds: A Wonderland Story is a revamped edition of our original Wonderland, with new characters and new environments. If you’ve been before, there are new scenes to encounter. Make sure to snag a red-suited ticket to meet all-new characters!

Neverland (2018):

Welcome to the island! you’ll fly to an island in the midst of war, with Pan nowhere to be found. Prepare to evade sirens, charm pirates, find shelter underground, explore dark forests, and unravel a mystery as haunting and enigmatic as time itself.

The Changling: A Neverland Story (2018):

Get ready to embark on a brand-new adventure through Neverland with The Changeling: A Neverland Story. In this all-new, action-packed two-hour experience, you’ll plunge into an island filled with fairie intrigue and a pirate quests. Part Treasure Island, part A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and all Neverland — The Changeling is an action-packed adventure, with a two-hour-long, cinematic plotline that will place you at the center of the action in this origin story for our Neverland series.


may, 2022


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