Interview with Josh Randall Teases New Blackout and Immersive Project

Below is an exclusive interview with Josh Randall, co-creator of Blackout from ScareLA teasing Blackout’s plans for 2017 and a new immersive project from Randall himself. 

Video by Cara Mandel

Nine years ago, Josh Randall and Kristjan Thor dared to ask the questions: why haunted houses are marketed to young adult and teen audiences, why participants go through in a group, and why the actors are not allowed to touch participants. The result was Blackout–a full-contact experience with adult themes in which participants enter alone. Since then, Blackout has continued to drive innovation and propel the haunted house scene forward into new territory. And thus, each year, participants eagerly await upcoming news on Blackout.


In the above video interview, Haunting learns that a new Blackout will be happening in the next month to two months. The experience will start in the Los Angeles vicinity and will travel over the course of its run. Further, it is designed for only a limited amount of people. “If [people] stay diligent and they want [a ticket], they can probably get it,” Randall explains. If you want to experience Blackout, make sure you’re following the Blackout Facebook Page, as Randall suggests this is the best way to learn more.


Randall also discusses a new project entitled “The Last To See Them Alive”. This will be an immersive radio-play based on Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood and the surrounding events. As a true crime story, the Clutter family murders is one of the first crimes where the public was privy to much of the details in the case. This intrigued Randall, and he started collaborating with some amazing artists who helped make his vision a reality. “[This project] melds a lot of the different aspects that shows are working with into something new,” says Randall. It might be a little scary, but his goal is to have it be more touching and effective. To learn more, check out their Facebook Page.



Josh Randall - Blackout - The Last To See Them Alive - In Cold Blood Immersive Theater - Extreme Haunt - Interview

“From one of the co-creators of BLACKOUT Haunted House.
Kansas 1959: an immersive exploration of the Clutter family murders.”



For more information on Blackout, check their website and follow their Facebook and Instagram.

To learn more about The Last To See Them Alive, please follow their Facebook Page.

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