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Spy Brunch is an immersive theatre company that puts on intimate performances that are highly stylized and themed.

  • Los Angeles Area
  • Group experiences with intimate interactions
  • Thematic with their first show encapsulating the tone of the ’70s
  • Non-horror
  • Cocktails and appetizers included

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More on Spy Brunch

Spy Brunch puts on site-specific interactive show with a mixture of historical and pop-cultural influences.  Through clever writing, innovative and period accurate costumes and sets, all with a spicy, retro bent, Spy Brunch is a fabulous creation that is warmly welcome in the immersive theatre community.


Safehouse ’77 (2017 & 2018):

It’s 1977 and you’ve been invited to a seriously groovy party at Sharon’s pad in Los Feliz. Drinks, snacks, tunes, games, beautiful people… cool beans, right? But there’s more going on in this joint than meets the eye, and if you’re not careful you could get pulled into something pretty wild by the time the night is over. Will you take a trip into the secret world that exists behind closed doors? Or will you just chill out on the couch, enjoy the spread, and flirt with whomever catches your eye? It’s all up to you… either way, this is gonna be a night to remember!


From the Haunting review:

Safehouse ’77 almost effortlessly does what immersive theater as a whole strives to do: completely submerge participants in a narrative while giving them a sense of full agency over the outcome of their own story.  In this house, your choices matter, for good or bad, and the more involved you are, the more the final conclusion to the underlying spy vs spy tale will affect you. You can betray a new friend, flirt with another, and deeply connect with yet another, all in the course of an evening. If you’ve never become someone else, this is a pure and deeply entertaining opportunity to do so. Think about the best party you’ve ever been to, then think about what it would be like to attend that party as whatever version of yourself you wanted. Sharon, and Safehouse, can provide that experience for you. You just have accept the invite.”

The Pod (June 2019):

Macora Aerospace and Robotics International has selected YOU as a candidate for the first-ever human voyage to Proxima Centauri B, our nearest habitable planet located 4.22 light years from Earth.

But first, both you and your mission partner need to be thoroughly evaluated.

We have organized a training simulation that will prepare the two of you for the decades of your life you’ll spend in deep space. Macora engineers have crafted a vessel using advanced laser propulsion technology — informally known as The Pod — that is capable of making this incredible journey in a mere twenty years!

The Pod can only carry one human being. Your partner is not human.  But we hope she will be the perfect companion.

Good luck. We’re counting on you both.


From the Haunting review:

“…Schiller doesn’t have much time to work here, but she makes each of the minutes spent with her feel like its own long, beautiful era. Her deep gaze shifts from passive, to emotional, to brimming with tears. I am watching her become human before my eyes, I am watching us become more human, together. Space exploration pales in comparison to Ellie’s self-exploration. Schiller delivers a masterclass in both performance and empathy, skills she’s demonstrated before in Safehouse ‘77 and Sideshow, her previous collaborations with Rheinwald-Jones.  Twenty minutes or twenty-thousand light-years could pass while I sit in The Pod, knee to knee with her, and I don’t know that it would be enough; her ability to connect with her audience is so profound I feel an ache in my gut when I am separated from her.”


august, 2022


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