Safehouse '82 | Spy Brunch

Safehouse ‘82: Spies Lies and Some Surprise with Spy Brunch

I love a good spy caper, doubly so if I myself am playing the spy. When Safehouse ’77 came onto the immersive theater scene two years ago, it was an incredible twist on a traditional spy story that inspired audiences and performers alike. Now, with the long-awaited sequel Safehouse ‘82, creators and writers Nick Rheinwald-Jones […]

M90sN | BL4KM4SS

M90sN Relives a Real-Life Nightmare – A BL4KM4SS Review

Reyna Velarde’s reputation precedes her: The Chainsaw Queen, the legendary extreme haunt actress. I’ve heard about her, but I’ve never…well… “worked” with her before tonight. While I wait for the car to pick myself and my group up, the waivers, and the inevitable blindfold as we’re walked to our final destination, to say I’m nervous […]

HVRTING Serialized Death Extreme Haunt Los Angeles, CA

Extra TV Brings Exclusive HVRTING Footage and Teases the Best of Immersive Horror

Happy Halloween, Haunters! extra tv   We’ve got some really wonderful video for you today. Our Editor-In-Chief, Taylor Winters, was featured in this year’s extreme haunt piece for Extra TV. We at Haunting and sister scare company HVRTING are honored to be showcased in this piece along with such creators as Josh Randall and Kristjan […]

Trailblazer productions Touch incarnation Ben Cox Touch: Incarnation

Touch: Incarnation Paints a Future Where Contact is Criminal

In Trailblazer Production’s Touch: Incarnation, the sensations are constant: elegant fingers gently squeezing, poking, and tapping along my body. Robbed of my sight, I am able to focus on my other senses, and none is more important now than touch. This connection, fleeting and fervent, with those around me, as their skin briefly presses against […]

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