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BL4KM4SS is a Los Angeles-based company producing immersive horror experiences across the country. They are flexible in date and location, providing experiences to those wanting something more than your traditional haunted house.

  • Extreme Immersive Horror (EIH)
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Solo and group experiences
  • Full physical contact with strong imagery and aggression
  • Continuing narrative spanning experiences
  • Experiences have 1-2 month runs with flexible dates

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More on BL4K M4SS

This is an immersive theater experience set out to augment your reality. They create immersive art to challenge, move, disturb, disrupt, connect, to change your way of being… A team of four creators who share and rotate artistic roles.

The origins of BL4CKM4SS are as mysterious as the identities of their creators ,but we can say they are very experiences in both immersive horror narratives, psychological theatre, and extreme haunt physicality.  Wear clothing you are not planning to wear home undamaged, and be prepared for a full-contact, provocative experience that is not for the faint of heart.

The creators of BL4KM4SS say of themselves, “We want to modify current consensus reality. We want our guests to feel what it’s like to be another person, to see themselves from an outside perspective, and to explore alternate personalities. Consensus reality doesn’t exist when they are with us.”


Previous Experiences:

Prelude (March-April 2019): Take part in an an enigmatic initiation that results in a death. Will you accept their invitation?

From Haunting’s recollection:

“I am waiting, staring at a mailbox, during a lull in the rain. A long application process has led me to this particular mailbox; from the time I first saw the mysterious BL4KM4SS Instagram, I’ve filled out questionnaires, recorded videos, and followed cryptic instructions. So exact was their recruiting process that I am now obsessing about whether I should be standing by the mailbox in the picture I’d been sent, or looking at it from across the street in the approximate location where it had been taken from. While I fret, a dark vehicle pulls up. “You were supposed to be waiting over here.” Great, I’m off to a fantastic start.”

M: Part 1 (April-June 2019): Return to the location of prelude and meet another in the same situation as you. But are they a friend–or something darker?

From Haunting’s review:

I have a lot riding on you tonight, kid. The voice is rough, gravely, but friendly. Listen – and pay attention. I reach down, and despite my blindfold, I am able to release my seat belt. I swing my legs out and the certainty of the carpeted car gives way to the uncertainty of a foreign ground. A man takes my arm, and together, we walk across dirt, grass, concrete, and finally, hardwood. The same gravely voice speaks again: Hands at your sides. I comply, and my hands are restrained to my sides – but my vision is restored in trade. I look around, viewing the remnants of a fire burning in a large fireplace, torture tools residing on a small table to my left, and someone similarly restrained to the chair in the corner – wearing a dinosaur onesie.”

PATHOLOGY (Ongoing): Who are you? What have you done? What will you do? What path did you take? What pathos do you use? what is your PATHOLOGY? A private psychological and violent encounter that made one night only stops all over America.

M90sN (Sept-Oct 2019): Experience the trauma, violence, and psychological damage inflicted upon one woman. A 2-hour interactive, psychological, and violent experience for up to 6 people.


Keep an eye on BL4CKM4SS’ Instagram for updates on available slots and upcoming shows.  Fans of extreme haunts and those looking for their first foray into the genre alike should be especially eager to tackle one of these unique, unforgettable experiences.


april, 2021


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