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Punchdrunk is one of the preeminent immersive companies in the world. Based out of London and the United Kingdom but with branches in New York and China and others being created, Punchdrunk is one of the companies responsible for creating the immersive experience genre through experimentation of multiple solo and group audience productions. From long-standing shows like Sleep No More and a branch of their company devoted to finding new ways to inspire educational growth and excitement in UK schools, Punchdrunk is a powerhouse within the immersive creative space.

  • Headquartered in the UK but with ongoing productions in New York City and Shanghai
  • Immersive Theater
  • Different productions utilize different levels of interaction from largely passive to highly interactive
  • Audience sizes vary based on the show from small 2-person groups to 300+ audience members
  • Long running shows in permanent locations
  • Freedom to Explore
  • Highly Detailed Sets

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More on Punchdrunk

Punchdrunk is broken into three different productions segments. Punchdrunk UK is for productions aimed at London, Manchester and other UK locations. Punchdrunk Enrichment is for productions aimed at educational locations such as schools and museums. Punchdrunk International focuses on productions elsewhere in the world such as New York and China.


Punchdrunk UK:

Blending classic texts, physical performance, award-winning design installation and unexpected sites, Punchdrunk’s infectious format rejects the passive obedience usually expected of audiences.

Punchdrunk has developed a phenomenal reputation for transformative productions that focus as much on the audience and the performance space as on the performers and narrative. Inspired designers occupy deserted buildings and apply a cinematic level of detail to immerse the audience in the world of the show.

This is a unique theatrical experience where the lines between space, performer and spectator are constantly shifting. Audiences are invited to rediscover the childlike excitement and anticipation of exploring the unknown and experience a real sense of adventure. Free to encounter the installed environment in an individual imaginative journey, the choice of what to watch and where to go is theirs alone.

Past productions have included shows such as Kabeiroi, The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable, The Borough, The Crash of the Elysium, The Duchess of Malfi, It Felt Like a Kiss and Tunnel 228.

Punchdrunk Enrichment:

The worlds that Punchdrunk makes are transformative for those who experience them firsthand as audiences. Since 2008, Punchdrunk Enrichment has inspired and engaged participants through projects that focus on the innate creativity and imagination of the individual.

Punchdrunk Enrichment takes the company’s innovative practice into communities and schools, creating performances with and for children, young people and participants. Integral to the creation of this work is the same commitment to exemplary design and performance that defines Punchdrunk’s large-scale productions for adult audiences.

Key projects to date include installation-based schools projects, The Lost Lending Library and Under The Eiderdown, and Against Captain’s Orders, a family adventure created in partnership with the National Maritime Museum. An extensive professional development program and on-site projects for primary schools also ran alongside The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable.

Punchdrunk International:

Punchdrunk International produces artistic works created by Felix Barrett and the Punchdrunk creative team. In addition, the Company produces a selection of Punchdrunk’s commercial productions for national and international audiences. It also creates innovation-led partnerships with selected organizations on a bespoke basis.

Productions have included Sleep No More (NY), Sleep No More (Shanghai), The Third Day and Believe Your Eyes.


Prominent Work:

Sleep No More: This production tells Shakespeare’s classic tragedy Macbeth through a darkly cinematic lens, offering an audience experience unlike anything else. Audiences move freely through the epic story of Macbeth, creating their own journeys through a film noir world.

Kabeiroi: A lost play, re-imagined. Inspired by the ancient Greek myth of the women of Lemnos, Kabeiroi is a two-person adventure that takes place across London over six hours with the audience at the center of the story. Part city tour, part game, the streets become the audience’s playground.

A Curious Quest: a teacher-led adventure for a whole primary school. Cultivating an interest in local history, the three week project begins with the arrival of a small ‘museum of curiosities’ lent by a local history society. Inside the museum, seven artifacts are exhibited—but when an old box in the Folklore section is opened, a strange creature escapes…


june, 2023


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