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Whisperlodge is an ASMR spa for the senses. Their trained guides work one-on-one with each guest in a series of visual, auditory, and haptic treatments designed to relax the body and mind.

  • New York Area with occasional performances in San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  • Small group and one-on-one experiences
  • Light physical touching between performer and audience
  • Blindfolded to enhance sensory interactions
  • Non-horror

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More on Whisperlodge

Whisperlodge is an intimately-sized immersive theatre performance, maintaining a one-to-one ratio between guides and guests. We have performed in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and we’re setting our sights abroad to reach ASMR fans and immersive enthusiasts around the world.

This company allows participants to enjoy special individual and group treatments designed to relax the body and mind, expand awareness, and heighten the senses.

This ASMR company is a joint creation by Melinda Lauw, an artist from Singapore, and Andrew Hoepfner, a rock musician turned immersive theater creator—best known for New York’s surreal Houseworld. “Seven guides lead seven guests through a series of live ASMR sequences–both group and one-on-one experiences–where the audience’s attention operates in a different way [than it normally might],” Hoepfner says. “We focus our attention on smaller details for longer durations than we might otherwise experience.”

This journey takes multiple forms, depending on what a prospective ASMR guest is seeking. Patrons can opt for the signature group setting, in which multiple people are led through various sequences in one locale. In such, they will interact with various sounds, touches, or lights. Or guests can choose to pursue the more personalized Whispers On Demand, a fully customized one-on-one ASMR experience. They also offers soundbaths as well as large scale theater experiences.


On Demand

Similar to private wellness treatments, Whispers On Demand sessions are designed and performed for your personal relaxation and tingly pleasure.

Melinda is committed to providing ASMR for healing and sensory exploration, emphasizing care, personal attention, consent and safety.

Starting as an experiment on International ASMR Day 2017, Melinda has gone on to provide Whispers On Demand to clients in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Her customized treatments have been featured in The Atlantic and VICE.

Whispers On Demand is usually available on an appointment basis, priced according to duration and complexity. Prices start at $100 for 45 minutes. They take place mainly in San Francisco, and sometimes in New York City and Los Angeles when Melinda travels.


What is ASMR?

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a sensory phenomenon where viewers feel pleasurable tingles from specific visual, auditory and haptic triggers.

First observed and discussed on the internet in 2007, the phenomenon is only beginning to be studied academically. You can find out more at https://asmruniversity.com/ where Dr. Craig Richard PhD is documenting and researching the sensory phenomenon.

This company is the very first in-person immersive ASMR experience. They want to bring ASMR into the real world, up close and personal. Guests have described their tingles as “more intense than from YouTube videos”.


Selected Past Performances

New York: August 2018
They presented our signature 90-minute immersive experience in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

The Intimacy of Sound Los Angeles: 26 September 2017
They presented a ASMR sound bath for six, developed in collaboration with Joro Boro in New York.

ASMR Happens: 23 September 2017
Their first international collaboration with renowned ASMR YouTuber, WhispersRed, in San Francisco. They opened the show with interactive live ASMR before WhispersRed’s solo performance. Guests enjoyed live binaural audio via individual wireless headphones.

Sensory Circle: March 2017
Using binaural technology, they created a sensory ritual, prevented for the first time at GG Nix Social Trade and Treasure in Bushwick.


february, 2023


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