Breaking Bad Experience Lets Guests Dine in Walter White’s World

Breaking Bad is one of those television shows that has a lasting impact on audiences. It’s been dissected by magazines and TV enthusiasts, and almost everyone you know has it on their “must-see” list. The fandom for this slow-burn drama is so strong that Netflix created a one-off movie, El Camino, five years after the […]

Afterlife Anonymous Is a Lighthearted and Uplifting Meeting of the Dead

“You know, I’ve never seen her laugh,” he said, pointing to the veiled woman in black. “Shall we try?” Afterlife Anonymous The woman raises her black shroud with gloved hands, revealing a pale face beneath; her eyes are sunken and dark, as if she’s seen a lifetime of sorrow. She raises her eyebrows at us […]

The Séance at Cross Roads Escape Games Is Magic, Pure and Simple

The door swings open revealing a blue-carpeted stairway illuminated only by flickering candles – the way forward. I climb the stairs first, my friends filling in behind me, and I reach the heavy wooden door. I knock three times – with purpose – until an ornately dressed woman opens the door. Kind-faced and knowing, she […]

Cross Roads Escape Games Interview – Venturing Into Immersive Theater with The Séance

Known for their highly impressive and creepy escape rooms The Hex Room and The Pysch Ward, Cross Roads Escape Games is now venturing into immersive theater with their interactive theater piece, The Séance, which they teased at Midsummer Scream 2019. cross roads escape games interview   Running October 2nd through November 3rd, The Séance will [...]
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