HVRTING is a Los Angeles-based immersive production team that engages audience through satirical & horror lenses while providing exclusive, personalized, and aggressive stories and experiences.

  • Los Angeles/Orange County Area
  • Intimate, personalized solo and group experiences
  • Full physical contact with visceral imagery and brutal aggression
  • Changing themes & tones that range from satire of industry standards to pure horror to competitive games
  • Participants are encouraged to have fun and be scared
  • Exclusive events that run for only a single night

For information on any upcoming experiences, please scroll down, but these experiences probably won’t show up on our events page, map, or calendar!



HVRTING was born from a desire to return immersive haunts to their horror roots. With a small audience and single-night experiences, the Hvrting team is able to customize each and every interaction to its audience. Every experience feels personal and intimate because The Director of each experience takes time to understand the wants and needs of their participants, what scares them, and the intensity they desire. This results in a brutally aggressive and mentally visceral experience that fills the void of those looking for more consistent immersive horror.


While all shows are refracted through a horror lens, most events are fun, light-hearted experiences filled with food, drinks, and friends. As community is at the core of these experiences, the creative team often draws inspiration from the work of the contemporary experiential community, inviting other creators in to help collaborate and have their ideas reflected in a current event. They are never afraid to be bold, take a stance, and push the boundaries of immersive horror.


Previous shows include an extreme spa experience, complete with hair removal, cucumber sensory deprivation, and lavender water-boarding; a blind dinner date with a mute woman and her chaperone: her aggressive and overbearing father; and an underground gambling experience where you have nothing to bet but your life.


This experience offers single-night, invite-only events. For those interested in attending, please email The Director for an opportunity.



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