Breaking Bad Experience Lets Guests Dine in Walter White’s World

Breaking Bad is one of those television shows that has a lasting impact on audiences. It’s been dissected by magazines and TV enthusiasts, and almost everyone you know has it on their “must-see” list. The fandom for this slow-burn drama is so strong that Netflix created a one-off movie, El Camino, five years after the […]

House of Spirits LA Is the Perfect Mix of Lore and Libations

Upstairs, craft cocktails are served, guests are mingling, and macabre tales are told – but here in the basement, I’m alone in the dark. As I make my way down the creaky wooden steps I remember the usher’s instructions: Step into the shaft of light which offers my only safety from the horrors in the […]

Dark Harbor Cocktail Guide 2019 – The Secret Bars at the Queen Mary!

To drink, or not to drink? Isn’t that the wrong question? Whether ‘tis nobler to search for hidden bars for hand-crafted drinks, bragging rights, special photo ops, access to exclusive ship interiors, or the chance to scare other guests of Dark Harbor – all are valid reasons to start your quest. Finding these bars is […]

BITE is an Immersive Vampire Dinner Melodrama for Everyone

A squishy red ball bounces past candles lit atop leather-bound books, past seats draped in elegant black cloth, past a bald man with sunken eyes and a large hunchback. A werewolf bounds past me, tongue out, chasing the red ball. Mine, mine, ball, he chants. A werewolf in a vampire den? Well, that’s truly an […]

House of Spirits is a Cocktail Experience in a Macabre Mansion – Interview

Experiences are the evolution of a service, elevating a simple product into a memory and forging a connection between audience and brand. Thus, its no surprise that an increasing number of companies are looking to immersive entertainment to promote a property or to make a night out that much more special. House of Spirits is […]

Los Angeles Halloween Season 2019 Haunt Guide

With all of the Halloween events in L.A. it's easy to miss out on something you really would have loved. We've got your back! To help you make the most out of your haunt season, we have put together a Halloween Haunt Guide for 2019. Below you will find a list of everything we could [...] Mobile Kitchen is a Quick but Delicious Yokai Dinner

Two hundred and fifty feet above Hollywood Boulevard, a family has been separated. But this is no normal family – this is a family of Japanese spirits. These yokai siblings have lost their parents, and to find them, they have reopened the family ramen shop. This pursuit has led them and their mobile kitchen across […]

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