Force of Nature Productions

Force of Nature Productions is a film and theater production company focused on developing original works from new artists. They are responsible for the Fallen Saints haunt as well as other fantastic productions.

  • Force of Nature Productions
  • Burbank, CA
  • Production company offering diverse theatrical performances
  • Shows inspired by Hitchcock, Black Mirror, and Twilight Zone
  • Fallen Saints, a haunt, every October.
  • Immersive Theater performance with a creepy twist

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More on Force of Nature Productions

Force of Nature Productions is a Film and Theater production company based in Burbank, CA focused on developing and producing original works from new, up-and-coming artists. They like to work closely and passionately with local musicians, writers, cinematographers, and artists of all walks of life in developing and refining their ideas with a goal of producing and distributing them to the world in a variety of avenues.


Selected Previous Events:

Fallen Saints: Victorian London is the intellectual and technological center of the world. It’s also home to the most horrific, violent crimes, and murders in history. At its core lies Fallen Saints, a mortuary specializing in violent deaths. As the deaths grow more unusual, the spirits grow more restless, wreaking havoc across the city. Join medium, Evelyn “Evie” Skrain, as she attempts to rid the mortuary of the tortured souls, one way or another. Just be warned, the spirits are known to follow some home.

Rush: Force of Nature started this tradition in 2016 when, on a faithful Wednesday, a theater owner friend asked if we had anything we could put up in his space for 3 days the following weekend.  Not really known for saying “no”, we quickly contacted our team of writers with a challenge: To deliver a 10 minute script by the next morning about anything that inspired them.  Scripts were turned in by noon on Thursday and a team of actors were called in to rehearse these scripts blindly that Saturday and Sunday.  Costumes, make-up, sound and props were selected just as fast as we rehearsed along and by the following Thursday, exactly one week from when the scripts were delivered, we all came together to tech the show.  The show then opened on Friday and played the weekend to SOLD OUT houses each night!  The cast was fantastic, the audiences cheered and loved it, the theater owner was pleased and everyone had a wonderful time and we celebrated our accomplishment!

TV Live: This experience features new stories every month and is born from a love of Hitchcock and The Twilight Zone. It features four twisted tales from some of the darkest and most depraved minds working in LA today, which is saying something.



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