Haunting 2023 Halloween Guide 2023 Halloween Reviews

Haunting’s 2023 Halloween Reviews

As the spirits return to their graves and the glowing smile on the Jack O Lantern dims, our Halloween Haunt Guide comes to a close with fewer and fewer events. But we don't want to keep up an empty guide throughout the year--rather, we want to showcase the wonderful haunted houses, conventions, immersive horror experiences, [...]
The Haunted Rose 2023 - Threshold of Darkness - Haunted House - Whittier Museum

The Haunted Rose 2023 Brings Universal Monsters to Life in a Cinematic Haunt

The Haunted Rose 2023 presents Threshold of Darkness Extending their residency at The Whittier Museum, The Haunted Rose 2023 brings their gorgeous set design, powerful actors, and memorable theming to tell the tale of “Threshold of Darkness.” Each year, creator Ryan Banfield expertly marries horror and science fiction together in some of the most unique [...]
Haunting 2023 Halloween Guide 2023 Halloween Reviews

Haunting’s 2023 Halloween Guide

Welcome to Haunting’s 2023 Halloween Guide . This yearly guide details the best experiences that celebrate the Autumn spirit, the spooky season, and the Halloween holiday! Below, you’ll find categories that will introduce you to local haunted houses, conventions, immersive horror experiences, yard displays,, and other horror experiences. We are adopting the same format as [...]
The Haunted Rose - Beyond the Gates of Turnbull - Whittier Museum - Whittier CA - Haunted House - Haunting 2023 Halloween Guide

The Haunted Rose Explores the Dark History of Whittier Beyond The Gates of Turnbull

Beginning in 2016, The Haunted Rose has become one of the most impressive home haunts in Southern California. With a background as a professional haunter at Knott’s Scary Farm, and credits at Disney and Cirque du Soleil, creator Ryan Banfield can tell an evocative narrative with gorgeous set design and strong theming. In the past, [...]
Ghost Figure - 2022 Halloween Guide

Haunting’s 2022 Halloween Guide

Welcome to Haunting's 2022 Halloween Guide. In our yearly guide, we introduce you to the best Halloween experiences, haunted houses, conventions, immersive horror experiences, yard displays, and more. If you love Halloween, horror, or immersive entertainment, then this is the perfect guide for you. This year, we are adjusting our format. We have organized all [...]

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