Fallen Saints Delivers Spanish Folklore & Day of the Dead Traditions

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Video by Cara Mandel.


Force of Nature Productions presents Fallen Saints, a tribute to The Day of the Dead. One of the most beloved and cherished holidays in Mexico, The Day of the Dead is an opportunity for families and friends to remember those no longer with them–and Fallen Saints provides an opportunity for audiences to connect to one of the more distinct voices during the Halloween Season.

Andy Shultz, the General Manager, and Sebastian Munoz, the Artistic Director, of Force of Nature Productions sit down with Haunting to discuss their latest Halloween experience. Fallen Saints is the second piece of an anthology started last year, but as Munoz states, “You’re not required to see the first one to follow [the narrative], but there are Easter Eggs throughout the show if you caught last year.”


Fallen Saints celebrates the folklore and traditions of Spanish families and their way of honoring the deceased. The Midsummer Scream performance showcased this beautifully. Ghosts and the living intermingled to help themselves, and the audience, understand their past, their choices, and their ultimate fate. Incorporating beautiful make-up, live music, and a few key surprised–it provided a great tease to what Force of Nature Productions can do with a full performance at Halloween. Our only concern was that it was billed as immersive, but instead had audiences lined up along the walls watching the performance, rather than immersing themselves in the narrative.


Be taken back in time to Old Mexico where the legend began in the newest Fallen Saints Anthology. Tickets are $15 and the show runs Fridays and Saturdays Oct 13-28 three times an evening at 8, 9 and 10 p.m. Tickets are currently on sale here.


Created, Written & Directed by Sebastian Muñoz & Andy Shultz


For more information on Fallen Saints, check them out at the following website.


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