Under the Big Top: Atlas – The Backstage Beauty at Two Bit Circus

There is something magical about the concept of time. We experience it as something that can only go forward. What has come before is forever lost to us and as specific moments or eras move further away from us, they become ever more elusive. We become enamored of them, curious about them, even fantasizing about […]

Fringe 2019 – Vote For Murder – The Usual School Suspects

Imagine taking the classic whodunit board game Clue and turning it into a fun night of puzzle-solving and eliminating suspects. That’s what you’re in for when you experience Vote for Murder, one of the better immersive ‘game’ events in recent years. After nearly having their entire event murdered by unexpected problems with their original site, […]

Fringe 2019 – In Town Brawl, All Politics Is Local (and Wonderfully Petty)

Have you ever actually attended a local town hall meeting? Most people never have – but I have, and in more than one location. And to my utter surprise, every time I’ve ever done so, the meeting has been full of two types of people: those who are overly enthusiastic about some specific agenda and […]

Fringe 2019 – Ascend – Playing with the Gods

This year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival has seen several immersive productions that allow at least a passing comparison to more traditional LARP (Live Action Role-Play) events. Out of all of them, Ascend has the closest connection to that style of experience. In the process, it creates one of the most enjoyable family-friendly productions that I’ve seen […]

Fringe 2019 – Rock Band Murder Mystery – Hard Rock and Easy Solutions

As someone who has a strong background in Live Action Role Play (LARP) experiences, I love trying them out whenever I get the chance. So when Aaron Vanek announced that his entry for this year’s Fringe would be an ’80s-themed rock band story with a murder, I was happy to join in the festivities. Rock […]

Fringe 2019 – Pit of Goblins – The Pit of Uncertain Evil

Choosing to go to a one-person show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival can be a game of chance. Sometimes you see a theatrical experience that is extraordinary; sometimes the experience is far more mundane. But what you do normally see is a production that focuses, in one way or another, on the life of the […]

Annie Lesser’s F(ord Focus) is a F(orced Fabrication)

Annie Lesser began her ABC Project with A(partment 8), which delighted critics and fans alike. That production was intimate and moving and resonated in the minds of participants long after they walked out of it. With a goal of producing 26 different immersive experiences tied thematically together simply by their alphabetical titles, Lesser now brings […]

Mister and Mischief & Escaping Godot: An Interview

After a hit one-day run during 2018’s Hollywood Fringe Festival (that I went to and enjoyed tremendously), the company behind Escape from Godot is bringing their unique escape room/immersive production hybrid back to Los Angeles during the month of March. We reached out to creators “Mister and Mischief” to get more details on both their […]

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