Click Your Heels: A Review of The Kansas Collection, Ch. 8: The Slippers

The following article contains spoilers for The Slippers, the eighth installment in The Speakeasy Society’s Kansas Collection series. These chapters are not expected to remount soon, so feel free to read on if you’ve missed this performance, and read our full-spoiler recollection here.   The message instructs me to arrive at a specific time of […]

What’s in a Name – How Immersive Theater & Horror Companies Were Named

Names are powerful.  They are our doorway to a company. They are a handshake, a first impression. They connect us to their brand, informing us of what we should expect. They have the power to build a long-lasting relationship or turn away a potential customer. But often times more important than the name itself is [...]

Only Consequences: The Speakeasy Society Shines in The Heart

Dorothea Gale, the Witch-Killer, is missing.  That’s what the messages from Oz said; she’s missing, presumed kidnapped, and she’s somewhere here, in Kansas, and it’s up to us to rescue her.  Fans of The Speakeasy Society’s work thus far will know that, well, we’re not in Kansas, we’re here in Los Angeles, and this new […]

The Speakeasy Society Explores Regret and Revenge in “The Witch”

The following is a review of The Speakeasy Society’s The Witch, with very minor spoilers throughout.  All photos courtesy of Model05 Productions. witch   It seems like it was just last month that I was sitting in a creaky church pew, watching The Speakeasy Society’s The Vow come to an anticipated, but nonetheless shocking cliffhanger.  It […]

A Storm Breaks: A Recollection of ALL Tracks in The Speakeasy Society’s The Vow

Below is recollection of The Speakeasy Society’s The Vow. This is a full spoiler walkthrough. As there were four main faction-driven tracks for this experience, the overall experience will be recollected through a Blue (Revolt) lens, with diverging sections denoted by a colored title. Again, this is a review of ALL tracks in The Vow; […]

The Speakeasy Society – The Invitation, Chapter 4 – Recollection

Below is a Recollection–this is not a review, but rather a full spoiler walkthrough of the author’s experience in The Invitation, Chapter Four of The Speakeasy Society’s The Kansas Collection. It is also only one path out of many that could have been experienced, so there is some repeatability in returning! In this chapter, allegiances are solidified as you […]

The Speakeasy Society – An “Invitation” Accepted and a Hard Choice Made

Are you ready to face the storm?   Steeped in powerful metaphor, The Speakeasy Society’s latest installment of their The Kansas Collection series, The Invitation, continues to play on the productions’ strength in casting and storytelling.  This installment also introduced a greater sense of audience agency and honest interaction between participants, the actors, and the […]

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