Secrets of Eliza's Heart Logic Locks - Escape Room - The Secrets of Eliza's Heart - Amsterdam - Netherlands

The Secrets of Eliza’s Heart is an Online Escape Room with a Surprising Twist

“Can you see me?” The whispered voice asks over our Zoom call. “Yes,” we respond, a continent away. Her video illuminates, revealing a young woman dressed in adventurer’s garb, hiding on a stairwell. Yet, this is no ordinary descent down—the walls are ornamented with taxidermied spiders, various totems, and books. “In 1926, Elizabeth van Leeuwenhart [...]
Escape Blair Witch - Escape Room - Las Vegas - NV - Egan Escape Productions

Escape Blair Witch is the Closest You’ll Get to Being in a Horror Movie

The door is locked tight—protecting us from whoever, or whatever is outside. But there’s missing rangers out there—and now a missing search party—I need to find them. As I slide the last key into the padlock and it turns, the door inches open. Cold air rushes in, the smell of evergreens and pine follows closely [...]
Walking Shadow Theatre Company - Reboot - Immersive Theater - Remote Experience - Escape Room

Walking Shadow’s Reboot Administers a Virtual Turing Test

Cyberpunk literature, as a genre, ironically often aims to explore the basic question of what constitutes humanity, while set in a world overrun with synthetic articles. Could binary 1’s and 0’s ever become self-determining? Can something created for labor ever have valid desires beyond its purpose? What rights, if any, should something designed and created [...]
MurderCo: Pure Evil Black Market Escape Room - MurderCo - Pure Evil - Escape Room - Extreme Haunt - Upland - CA

MurderCo: Pure Evil Infuses Extreme Horror into an Escape Room Setting

The best escape rooms immerse audiences in their worlds. Thus, the intersection of immersive horror and escape games was a logical extension of the genres, and a very successful one at that. From The Basement to Crossroads Escape Games’ The Hex Room, these rooms are always rated as top-tier games, even when put against non-horror [...]

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