They Played Productions

They Played Productions is an immersive production company with an extensive history in Live-Action-Role-Plays (LARPs) and world building, who hope to utilize emotional reality, investment, and agency to re-examine older ideas or emotional truths.

  • Los Angeles Area
  • Group experiences
  • Inspired from Live-Action-Role-Plays, featuring heavy interactions
  • Audiences exist in the narrative defining their own roles
  • Narrative-driven experience to unravel
  • Light horror themes, but not scary.
  • Light contact

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More on They Played Productions

They Played Productions was formed in 2017 by writer/director Erik Blair and producer Thea Rivera, both of whom possess an impressive resume. Rivera is a graduate of USC Cinema School, whose career has mostly focused on technology, but boasts an impressive twenty plus years of experience in all areas of theatre. Blair is also an alumni of USC Cinema School, and has a degree from Northwestern University’s theatre department. He has directed and performed in over 100 productions across the States, and worked on projects with Sony, Disney and Warner Brothers.

This company was created as a place where the creators can tell stories that transform well-known tropes and concepts into something brand new. Each of their productions starts as a way of answering a question. What is the core emotional idea that we are seeking for this piece? Then they work to develop the best narrative and theatrical angle to tell that story.


Previous Productions:

June 2017: Nothing Bad: A Werewolf Rock Musical

April 2018: Captivated: An Obsession in Three Acts – Act One: Justine

June 2018: God: The Apologies Tour



25jun8:00 pm11:30 pm[Fringe] InternalThey Played ProductionsImmersive Style:Immersive Horror Price: $15


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